Training In Tallinn

14 Aug

Los Blancos had a training session at A. Le Coq Arena before tomorrow’s UEFA Super Cup.


Injured players Odriozola and Vallejo continued with their recovery work while the rest of the squad had a normal session. (Video)



Lopetegui: “Atlético will push us all the way and we’ll have to put in a great performance”
by Alberto Navarro (Tallin) | Photographer: Antonio Villalba

“Winning silverware is part of our history and we’ll be aiming to lift another title here”, stated the Whites’ boss from the A. Le Coq Arena media room.

Julen Lopetegui addressed the press gathered inside the media room at the A. Le Coq Arena on the eve of the UEFA Super Cup (Wednesday, 9pm CEST), with the Real Madrid boss previewing the clash against Atlético in the following terms: “We’re feeling good and optimistic. We’re chipping away at the stages of our preparations, but we’ve now got this final and our preparations have been focused on winning it. We’ll be trying to do our best with what we’ve got to put in a big performance against opponents who’ll push us all the way, as they always do”.

“I envisage that it’ll be a tight game, given that it’s a final and because of the two teams that’ll be out there on the pitch. Both sides will give the best possible accounts of themselves and Atlético will push us all the way in all areas: fitness, tactics and mentally. We’ll have to perform in those areas if we’re to achieve our target. Winning silverware is part of our history and we’ll be aiming to lift another title here”.

“They’re a tremendous side and have some superb players. They’re excellently managed and have a clear and well-defined way of doing things. They’re experts in competing amongst the elite”.

“Zidane did an extraordinary job, but that’s now in the past. We now want to continue to build on the club’s history and be the best team in all areas of the game. We have to look at the present with confidence and put in the hard work”.

“We’re delighted that Bale is here with us and he’s trained superbly right from day one. He’s really driven and that’s important for the side, but the most important thing is that we perform as a team in all aspects of our performance. We’re delighted with his attitude, his willingness and the excitement he has shown”.

Praise for Bale
“We’ve come in and found a player who’s really excited, is the ultimate professional and who has trained with the desire of a youth player. We’ll be aiming for all of the players to perform to their best. Bale has experience, ability and the right mentality to deliver a great performance”.

“Karim is a player I’ve always liked, I think he’s really good. He’s shown a fantastic attitude as he tries to help the team out”.

Title secured with Spain U19s in Tallinn
“It’s one of life’s coincidences. That’s a very special memory from that period and now we’ve got another chance to win some silverware. It’s an interesting coincidence and one that brings back good memories”.

Who’ll get the nod in goal tomorrow?
“I’m in no doubt about it, but I won’t be announcing my starting XI today, just as our opposition won’t”.


Ramos: “The fact that we’re involved in the Super Cup is a sign that we’ve done a pretty good job”
by Alberto Navarro (Tallin) | Photographer: Antonio Villalba

“We’ve got the chance to begin the season by lifting some silverware and are excited by that challenge”, declared the captain.

Sergio Ramos took his place alongside Julen Lopetegui and Marcelo in the media room at the A. Le Coq Arena on the eve of the team’s UEFA Super Cup meeting with Atlético (Wednesday, 9pm CEST): “It’s a privilege to be contesting the UEFA Super Cup, each time you’re involved in it it’s a sign that we’ve done a pretty good job, and after winning three Champions League crowns in a row our prize is to try and defend our title. We’ve got the chance to begin the season by lifting some silverware and are excited by that challenge”.

Strengthening the squad
“Those sorts of decisions aren’t down to us. We welcome in those players who want to join our club. Cristiano’s departure was a major one and as long as the excitement and desire to continue to improve and develop as a team and the hunger to win titles is intact, we can’t allow the presence of an individual player to come before this club and the badge. Often your mentality is even more important than individual talent”.

“We don’t judge the past of any player, Madrid welcome in all great players and it’s not down to us who leaves or joins the club. We try to help the new players to adapt quickly and for them to feel at home within the squad and to get them performing to the same standard or better than they have in the past because they’ll have performed well enough to be at our club”.

“There has been a lot of debate surronding the number 1 spot for a number of years now at Madrid, but in the past and now we’ve had great goalkeepers and Courtois’ arrival means that the competition there has been will become even greater. Anything that sees the squad improve is positive. Nobody will be holding the fact that he used to play for Atlético against him”.

A hero in Nigeria
“I’m delighted that a country like Nigeria recognises so many years of hard work and want to take this opportunity to send greetings to all Nigerians. It’s a country that I don’t know very well and I wouldn’t rule out visiting it one day, especially as I know that I’d be given such a warm welcome. It’s a priviledge and is really satisfying as I continue to go about my work”.

Final in Estonia
“It’s not up to us where the final is played. We always prefer to play closer to home but Madrid’s prestige means that we’ve got fans all over the world and having the final here gives a country like Estonia the opportunity to get a closer feel for Real Madrid. The stadium’s capacity is slightly lower but we mustn’t focus on that. It’s always great to be hosting an event like a final and as players involved in the game, we’re delighted when the host country enjoys the game”.

Klopp’s comments
“I respect everyone’s opinions and I’ve already given mine. I repeat that at no stage did I intend on pulling his arm, in fact he grabs my arm first and then we were scrapping for the ball. I didn’t go in with the intention of hurting a fellow professional. He wanted to justify why his team lost the final, it’s not the first one he has lost, and he should concentrate on his own business and leave the rest of us players, who have been performing to a very high standard for many years, alone and let’s see if he can say the same thing. When it came to voting for the manager of the year, he’s one of the ones I voted for so that he calms down a bit”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“We’ll have to look closer at the comments made by Cristiano. We’ve always felt like a family here, I’m not sure what he was referring to and whether he meant the dressing room, the hierarchy or that togetherness. I can speak about things within the club and the spirit within the dressing room and I believe that the key to our success has been the fact that we’ve always felt part of a big family, that has always been there and still is. The departure of a player as dangerous and important for Madrid is always a negative, but that doesn’t mean to say that Madrid will now stop winning things and we’ll retain that ambition, excitement and hunger to keep doing so”.

“Throughout the club’s history, Madrid has had players of greater or lesser standing and Madrid comes above all of us. Madrid will continue to win things after Cristiano’s departure, after Zizou left and when iconic players leave the club. The time will come for us to leave and Madrid will keep going because the great thing about this club is that regardless of what happens, it’ll continue to win things. He decided to call time on this chapter and we fully respect that and let’s hope that he does as well as possible and the same goes for us too”.


Marcelo: “Derby games have it all and it’ll be an excellent contest”
by Alberto Navarro (Tallin) | Photographer: Antonio Villalba

“We’re here to win the Super Cup and are delighted to be contesting yet another final”, commented the Brazilian defender.

Marcelo spoke to the media 24 hours before Real Madrid do battle for the first piece of silverware of the season. The Brazilian made no secret of the squad’s desire to secure the UEFA Super Cup: “Our prize for winning the Champions League is to be involved in this game. We’re really excited at the prospect of contesting another final for Real Madrid and it’s an honour to do defend this badge as we do so. We can’t wait for the match to come around and go out and win it”.

“Every game is different and finals are also different kinds of matches. Atlético have really improved since our last finals against them, just like we have. These games always have a bit of everything: battles and good football. We’re talking about two top teams, but anything can happen in a final”.

Hunger for silverware
“The secret is to continue working with real humility, give our all in every training session ann improve every day. It’s really exciting to wake up and know that I play for the best team in the world. I’ve won a lot of titles and alongside the family that we’ve got here, we’ll be giving our all to win everything going”.

“We want all of our fans to get behind us, but the fact that we haven’t been given a big allocation isn’t an issue for us. We’re here to play the final and win it. We’d like to have all of our fans here with us, but the host venue isn’t down to us and we’re just delighted to be involved in yet another final”.

Vinicius Jr.
“He’s part of the present because he’s a member of our squad. I joined the club at the age of 18. He’s just a kid and we’re trying to make sure that he’s relaxed and feels good. He’s only recently arrived but he’s both the present and the future. He’s doing well and is happy. I’m delighted that there’s another Brazilian here at the best club in the world”.

His future
“I’m not going to comment on my future, I’m just here to talk about the UEFA Super Cup”.

Onward to the final!

– Lozil

2 Responses to “Training In Tallinn”

  1. M August 14, 2018 at 9:02 pm #

    I know that I’m waaay off topic here, but I have to ask. In your opinion, are was kinda done for (i so deleted a four letter word here!) without Chris? I mean I’m panicking a tad more than a bit here.

    Also, who are we buying in his place? Time is running out!! Yes, we have a good team, but let’s not forget who used to bail us out repeatedly. And our new coach is untried and ohmaaaaa this season isn’t looking too good already.

    • headbandsandheartbreak August 19, 2018 at 3:28 pm #

      I think we have a deep bench and even deeper pockets so I’m not ready to give up the ghost yet. You never know what could happen over the next few weeks. I also don’t think any one player, even one as incredible as Cris makes or breaks a team so I’m remaining cautiously optimistic. Sometimes a fresh start is a good thing.

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