Ready For Girona

25 Aug

The team had their final training session today. They will meet Girona at the Estadi Montilivi tomorrow.


The entire squad took part in the session with the exception of Vallejo who trained alone as he continues his recovery work. (Video)



Lopetegui: “We head into the Girona game with the utmost ambition and thoroughness”
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Helios De La Rubia

“Every LaLiga game is a battle and the three points may ultimately make all the difference”, stated the Whites’ boss.

Julen Lopetegui took to the media room at Real Madrid City after having overseen the team’s final training session ahead of Sunday’s game against Girona (10:15pm CEST). The Whites’ coach previewed tomorrow’s clash in the following terms: “Our preparations for each game are always different. There’s always a differentiating factor in the form of the opposition, regardless of whether you’re playing at home or away. Every match is completely different and that’ll again be the case here. We want to make sure we prepare well so that we head into the game in the best possible shape and try to beat Girona, which is our target”.

“This game is extremely important to us. Each LaLiga game is a battle and this one is vitally important. LaLiga throws up a host of scenarios. For example, you can come into a game on the back of a Champions League match and you’ve got to have the right attitude for every game, that’s why it’s a competition that rewards consistency. This is why we’re heading into this game with the utmost thoroughness and ambition, because these three points could prove to make all the difference”.

“The only thing that I’m 100% focused on is adding extra gloss the brilliant squad I’ve got here. The LaLiga season is under way and every game is decisive. These three points are worth just the same as those up for stake in April. I’ll play the players who are available to me and they’ll have to be mentally ready. I’m delighted with my squad and we’ll be going all out for the LaLiga title and to win all of the other competitions”.

“Reguilón will be part of the first-team squad. He’s a left-back and is a product of our youth team. He’s training excellently, we really like him and he brings great excitement and energy to the squad. He’ll have the chance to be a part of the squad”.

Playing style
“The most important thing about any team’s playing style is the players. I’m lucky enough to have excellent players who are good to picking up what we ask of them. A lot is said about playing style and possession, but the aim is to win football matches. A team chooses one route or another. There are some games when the opposition let you have the ball and others where they allow you to do the running and make the most of the spaces. The players are the important ones in all of this and they’re the ones who make the difference. Having possession can sometimes work in your favour and at others times it goes against you. The aim is to win games, there are different ways of doing so and we’ll be trying to use them”.

“We’re not bothered about having the ball, we just want to win games. The ball is a tool that can help you to do so. There are a lot of factors involved, it depends on the team we’re up against. Sometimes you’re given space and you have to make the most of that. We have to be capable of striking the balance between attack and defence”.

“He’s part of the squad. When he’s called up he’ll be in with a chance of playing and when he’s not included, he’ll be able to play for Castilla. However, he’ll be training with us on a daily basis. He’s very young and has just arrived in Europe. He’s really keen to learn and we’ve got to give him the time to settle that every player needs. His performance levels in training have been of the highest quality. We’re keeping a close eye on his progress and when we think that the time is right, he’ll be included in the matchday squad”.

La Liga games in the US
“We’ve got other things on our plate, but I’m aware of the issue and fully support the players’ stance. There are arguments to support their views and, to be honest, I just can’t see it myself. Those who make the decisions will ultimately decide, but I’m with the players on this one”.

Number 1 spot
“I’m not going to reveal anything, you’ll see the line-up tomorrow. We haven’t decided exactly what we’re going to do. We’ve got some very good goalkeepers here, some of whom have joined us more recently, but they’re all getting up to speed and it’s down to us to decide. The role of goalkeeper is a bit of a different and special one. I’m relaxed because I know that regardless of the decision we take, it’ll be for the good of the team”.

Bale & Benzema’s goals
“What we’re interested in is that, as a team, we’re capable of scoring goals and even beating the records. However, the responsibility shouldn’t fall on anyone in particular, it’s the whole team’s duty. We’ll be trying to make sure that more players chip in with goals and that we concede fewer. To do that there has to be a good team spirit”.

The system
“The issue of the system we play isn’t a determining factor, it’s not all that important. The important thing is what the players go and do out on the pitch. Setting up with a 4-3-3 o 4-2-3-1 doesn’t make such a big difference, it depends on the qualities of the players you put out there. We’ll aim to continue doing what we believe in, regardless of how we play and whether a particular player is playing. It doesn’t change things much”.

“It’s pretty likely that he’ll also join up with Castilla, where he’ll have the chance to play every Sunday and that’ll probably be what we do”.

And a happy milestone to celebrate: this is Marcelo’s 13th season with Los Blancos!

– Lozil

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