“Class Picture Day” 2018 & More

17 Sep

Los Blancos had their annual team picture taken today or as I call it “Class Picture Day” because everyone gets all spiffy and is on their best behavior just like you do when you’re in school.

“Class Picture Day”

The ‘Peez and Paco Gento were in attendance as well and greeted the team. (Video)

And small group pictures were taken as well: The captains, coaching staff, new guys and the players that came up through the canterano. Hard to believe that Benz and The Baby are third & fourth captains now.



Benzema: “At this club the goal is always to try to win everything and play well”

“The first home game in the Champions League is very important. We have to have the ball and control the pace of the game”, said the forward.

Karim Benzema gave an interview to Codere, Real Madrid´s official betting company, in which he spoke about the start of the season and the upcoming Champions League opener: “This competition is on another level. Every match is important, none are easy, and that’s one of the things that I like. Real Madrid are the best club in the world. Every year you have to be successful. I hope we’re lucky like last season in this Champions League because it’s very important to us”.

“We know there are a lot of strong teams, but if I have to say who I think are one of the favourites, it’s always going to be Real Madrid, at this club the goal is always to try to win everything and play well, we have to give up a lot in order to be focused on winning”.

“As always, the first game at home is very important. We have to have the ball and control the pace of the game. Roma are a good team with very good players”.

“Every game brings its own motivation, and I’m always thinking about scoring goals, giving assists and helping the team win. This year I’m the third captain and I have to demonstrate a lot of things”.

“It’s good because he’s a coach who likes football, possession and that we play well with good pressure after losing the ball. That’s really good for us”.

“I’ll never forget my first day here because it was the first at the club of my dreams. Talent is very important, but the most important thing is hard work. Then you can do a lot with talent, but you have to work hard to reach the highest level”.

And here’s some bonus half-naked Sergio. And I see you, Dani, I see you.

And how do we feel about being half-naked, Sergio?

I couldn’t agree with you more.

Wednesday we have our first Champions League match at home vs. Roma.


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