Ready For El Derbi

28 Sep

Oh boy, what a disappointing few days, eh? That midweek loss sucked and then there are the sick and injured.


TIsco having surgery for acute appendicitis and Marcelo with a muscle injury. They both worked on their recovery today. The rest of the team and Javi Sánchez of Castilla had their final pre-Derbi training session today. (Video)



Lopetegui: “I expect a match of the highest level where we’ll have to really compete”
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Helios De La Rubia

“We’re on the right line and we’ll give our best against Atlético”, added the coach.

Julen Lopetegui appeared in the press room at Real Madrid City after the last training session ahead of the derby (Saturday, 8:45pm CEST). The Real Madrid coach spoke about the match against Atlético: “In a derby everything is important, it’s a match that has an emotional element and we have to go in to it prepared for everything. It’s not just another game, it’s a demanding game and the team will be ready”.

“I expect an even game, very demanding and tough. You have to compete, as well as playing well. My team is going to be ready for the kind of match we have tomorrow. We’re up against a good side, a team set up for big games that has great players. We expect that the game will be played at the highest level and we’ll be prepared to match those levels”.

A day less to prepare for the derby
“I don’t take in to account the day less. Our motivation and desire are more important than that. The team didn’t have a good first half in Sevilla, but we’re working on the right line and we’re convinced that we’ll be in line for the rest of the season and give our best. Our energy and motivation will make us have a good game”.

Motivation in LaLiga
“The reality is that the team is motivated and keen to win LaLiga and is very well set up to do so. There’s a long way to go, but we’re candidates for the title. It’ll be a tough and a long season for everyone. My players are highly motivated, that’s for sure”.

“When you wear this shirt, every match is special for the coach and the players. Tomorrow is no exception, every match is very important”.

Emotional and sporting aspect
“Everything goes fast in football, wins and defeats. Everything has to be left behind quickly, because now we have a massive challenge in the shape of a derby against Atlético. Just as we don’t stop when we win, we’ll not stop at defeats either. We have just enough time to prepare for the next match, which will be a special, a big challenge”.

“The warm-up we did today is something we’ve done before. Some warm-ups are more playful than others and there is nothing abnormal. The LaLiga season is long, there’ll be difficult moments. We’re in a situation where we aspire to what we want. We’re focused on a special, attractive and demanding game that we’re playing at home, where we’re sure that we’ll have the support, drive and energy that the Bernabéu gives to the team in these games”.

Physical state
“The team is fine. We have a match every three days and, logically, we have had to respond. The second half against Sevilla backed it up. We talk about the physical side a lot when there are other footballing circumstances that happen in matches”.

Lack of goals
“The data has to be analysed in a more global manner. The team has created a lot of chances, also in the recent games, and we’ll continue to do so. Real Madrid are always a goal-scoring team”.

Team performance
“I’m happy with the performance of the team, in the league you have good and bad moments. The general analyses will be made later. We’ve only played six games. But I’m happy with the dynamics, the attitude and the work of the team”.

Your emotional state
“I’m fine and ready. In football everything goes fast. The coach’s life is like that, victories and defeats are short-lived and we’re now focused on tomorrow’s game. We don’t think about what might happen in the game, just prepare the team to compete tomorrow. We know the connotations that the derby has”.

Different level in matches
“During the season there are different moments. Playing every three days shapes it, there are games that come out better than others. But the dynamics of the team are good. We’re well placed in the league and we started the Champions League well. Tomorrow we want to add three more points. We won against Roma, semi-finalist in the Champions League. The team is ready to beat any team”.

Desire for revenge in the derby
“No, there is a desire to have a good match, make our fans happy and win the derby. The motivation is the same, even if the Super Cup had not existed”.

Clearly Sergio was monitoring the DMs between me and mygypsyspirit the other day because he posted his own James Bond picture.

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Ramos, Sergio Ramos 😉

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And we get to see his back piece up close and personal. He’s gotten a lot more work done recently. Can’t say that I dig it but I’m sure he couldn’t care less what I think of his body art.

Anyhow, onward to El Derbi! Hala Madrid!

– Lozil

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