Prepping For El Clasico & Boss Babies

25 Oct

I’ve been focusing on letter writing to get out the vote for the midterm elections so that’s definitely cut down on my Real Madrid time. I did get to watch the Champions League match (while still writing) but it’s been hit or miss otherwise for the past few weeks.  But El Clasico is upon us and I’ve just posted my final bunch of letters so I’m taking a break from freaking out about the fuckery in my country to focus on freaking out about El Clasico. Ugh.


Prep began for the Clasico and Castilla players Augusto, Fran, Seoane, Cristo, Álex and Dani Gómez were called up for the session. Carvajal continued his recovery, running on the pitch. Mariano stayed indoors. (Video)


Congrats to Sergio who won the Best Sportsperson award at the Premio Los Leones 2018. The Peez, Butragueño, Benzema, Varane, Roberto Carlos, Raúl and Arbeloa were on hand to cheer him on.



“El Clásico is a special game and is always decided by the finest margins”

Lucas Vázquez and Odriozola discussed Sunday’s game in an interview with Codere.

Lucas Vázquez and Odriozola shared an interview with rapper Arkano for Codere, the official bookmakers of Real Madrid, in which they discussed El Clásico and the season to come. The Galician ace said: “We’ve got exciting goals to aim for and we can’t wait for the big games like El Clásico, which is always such a special clash. It’s crucial to go into it high on confidence and knowing what you’re playing for”.

“They’re special games for the fans as well and we have to give it our best because they are decided by the finest of margins. So ultimately, the crucial thing is to believe in ourselves and our teammates to play an intense game, with absolute focus and desire to win. We’re always obliged to win every game at Madrid and this would be particularly special. Winning titles is what makes you feel great about the work you’ve put in throughout the year”.

Odriozola: “The key is to play as a team”
“We can’t wait for the match, it’s an important moment in the season and we’re excited to play a good game and go on to win trophies. The key to El Clásico is to play as a team. If each player gives it everything he’s got, the individual quality will come through. I’ve been watching these games on TV my whole life and to be involved in one is a dream, and it’d be even more beautiful if we can win it”.

It’s Boss Time, Y’all!

If you do one thing today, watch this video. Maybe watch it a few times. I sure did! Thanks to watishista Mandy for giving me the heads up on this. Our boys are looking ridiculously fine in their new Hugo Boss team suits.

Looking mighty fine, gentlemen!

– Lozil

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