I Think We All Knew This Was Coming

30 Oct

I’m not going to say anything about El Clusterfuck because mygypsyspirit will be sharing her assessment. However, as far that performance, I think we all knew that Julen Lopetegui would be heading for the unemployment line this week. I’m not sure that instability is what the team needs right now, but I don’t write the paychecks so… Anyhow, here’s the official announcement. ESPN had an interesting take on the situation. Santiago Solari took over as interim manager today. Do you think the sacking is fair? Do you think Solari will be the permanent replacement? If not, who will come in? (Conte appears to have removed himself from the running). And will our team ever stop feeding the Drama Llama?

– Lozil

One Response to “I Think We All Knew This Was Coming”

  1. M October 30, 2018 at 1:19 pm #

    Yup. Unfairly or not, sadly Lopetegui was always a sacrificial goat. I mean, I’m sure you read the interview our former coach’s father gave. Lopetegui’s dad is right. This team was built around Ronaldo. He as our main goal scorer and when he left, they didn’t hire anyone else to build the team around. There was no way in hell this would work. Anyone with a working brain could see this coming a mile away.

    Perez need to go. He’s despicable and his whole management tactics and planning suck. I’m a die hard fan who is disappointed, upset, angry and fed up.

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