Ready For Leg One Of The CDR Clasico

5 Feb

Los Blancos had their final session before tomorrow’s Copa Del Rey match vs. Barcelona.


Castilla’s] Javi Sánchez and U19s goalkeeper Altube were once again called up for the session. Luca continues with his recovery.  (Video)



Solari: “The Clásico is very special and we hope to win”
by Alberto Navarro | Photographer: Victor Carretero

“The important thing is that everyone puts their talents, ability and effort at the service of the team”, added the Real Madrid coach.

Santiago Solari spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City the day before the match against Barcelona. The coach looked ahead at the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final, which will be played at the Camp Nou (Wednesday, 9pm CET): “You never know if there’ll be tactical surprises, it’s not all down to what just one team does. We’re expecting a very nice match, it’s a Clásico and we hope that everyone will enjoy it. We hope to put in a big performance and win”.

“A Clásico is a match between two teams with great sporting rivalry. For example River-Boca, Inter-AC Milan, San Lorenzo-Hucarán, Peñarol-Nacional. And of course, Real Madrid-Barcelona and Real Madrid-Atlético…”.

Will the winner gain an advantage in LaLiga?
“They’re different competitions. We want to win everything and put the same focus and the same approach to the football as in the previous matches. The important thing is how we approach the tie. We can’t think any further in to the future. The important thing is tomorrow’s game”.

“Vallejo is almost there, we’re very happy because we’re almost all there. When they’re all available, it’s more difficult to pick the match-day squad and that’s the hardest part for a coach. The important thing is that everyone puts their talents, ability and effort at the service of the team”.

“In football you have to look at the short, the medium and the long term, but the competition has its own rhythm and can cause unexpected things. It’s impossible to foresee everything. The important thing is that we are all together and we all pull in the same direction”.

The fixture list
“It’s strange that the fixtures are like this. Hopefully it’s not deliberate. Those are issues for those who organise the fixtures, LaLiga. We must perform to our best and that’s it”.

Is Vinicius Jr. a definite starter?
“There are no definite starters in football”.

His work as a coach
“We love competing and that’s why we’ve been doing it since we were little. Every match you compete in and there are no differences between each game. You go in to every match with the same naturalness”.

“Every player contributes what they have. Some more offensive and others more defensive. Some bring more experience and other youth and freshness. We all have our energy and we are focused on tomorrow’s game. That’s what interests us and nothing else”.

“It’s always good to play the best in every game. Whether or not he plays does not influence our preparation for the game”.

Let’s do this thang!

– Lozil

2 Responses to “Ready For Leg One Of The CDR Clasico”

  1. M February 6, 2019 at 2:22 pm #

    I am never ever ready for a Classico. Ever. No matter what our form is like. *wibbles*

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