First Clasico Of The Week

27 Feb

And if those words don’t strike fear into your Blanco heart, you are a fool. Clasicos are never, ever easy. But Karim looks confident and ready to fuck some Cule shit up. That works for me.

A fast moving stomach flu has kept me out of the loop lately but I’m well enough now to watch and stress. The team met up today and headed off to their residence to chill until the match kicks off. So much thumbs upping below. Prepare yourself. (Video)

I see Captain Ay Papi is rocking the rolled up trousers/white socks combo again. Must be his new thing. Whatever. Just win these two Clasicos and I will give you a break on your fashion choices for a short (very short) time!

Let’s get out there and win, gentlemen! Hala Madrid y nada mas!

– Lozil

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