Sergio Has Something To Say

30 May

Sergio, like Roxxxy Andrews, is here is make it clear. He ain’t goin’ nowhere. So step off, rumor mongering hordes.


Sergio Ramos: “My dream is to retire at Real Madrid”
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Antonio Villalba

“I’m a madridista, I’m happy here and the day I leave, I’ll go out on top”, added the captain.

Sergio Ramos appeared in the press room at Real Madrid City to clear up any speculation over his future and confirm his intentions to remain at Real Madrid. Prior to responding to journalists’ questions, the captain made a statement: “Following all of the uproar, I wanted to clear things up and answer questions in order to avoid any doubt or debate, which does not benefit anybody; not the club, not the fans and not me. I want to make my future clear, there has been a lot of speculation. I am a madridista, I want to retire here and see out my contract. We have to move on from this poor season to build for the future”.

“The day that I do leave, I want to do so on a high, winning things. I don’t want to leave Real Madrid. It’s my dream to retire here. I would even be willing to play here for free, that’s how I feel about the club. It’s like a relationship between a father and son, but what son has never fought with his father? It’s always best to sit down and talk, face to face, without any third-party interference. It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to Florentino about money and contracts because it’s not something that bothers me”.

Offer from China
“There is an offer on the table, I’m not going to lie. If my fans didn’t love me, I’d have considered going, but I feel loved here. We resolved everything yesterday and we want to build a future together. The day I leave, I’ll go out on top”.

“Solutions are found through dialogue and we’ve found them in one afternoon. We will try and develop a new project in order to meet the objectives we set ourselves. That’s why I’ve called this press conference, to make it clear that I am happy where I am, nothing more”.

His future
“My time hasn’t come yet. As long as my body and soul allow me to keep defending this badge, I’m not considering leaving. I’d never go to a team that could compete with Real Madrid. When I go, it’ll be because my body gives up and I will go to a team which won’t compete against Madrid”.

If you were president, would you let Ramos leave?
“No, I’d have given him a life-time contract (laughs). The president and I have a father and son relationship, we love each other very much. A bit of friction breeds affection, we’ve spent so many years together. He’s always shown me a special kind of affection and if there’s one thing he’s done very well, it’s looking after players like me”.

“I’m the captain and I feel loved and supported by my teammates. They know me well and most of them were in no doubt I was going to stay. I have to thank them for the messages they’ve sent and love they’ve shown me. Following poor results this season, we’ve had time to draw some conclusions and look at where we can improve”.

The fans
“The fans and I have always had a close bond. They have only ever jeered me on one occasion throughout my 14 years here. Those of us who have been here longest are the ones who have to pull us through this spell. They want to see a reaction from the team and I’ll never be angry about their whistles. Of course I prefer it when they’re cheering us on but we understand it”.

Next season
“It looks exciting. It sounds great, building a new team with guys coming in to make us stronger and some will have to go. We’re going to try and recapture that excitement and hunger to win. I hit the reset button every year and always try and win. Bringing new people in can give everyone a real boost”.

“I think he’s a fantastic player, right at the top level and he’d be great for Madrid. He could bring an awful lot to this Real Madrid team”.

“After the Valencia game I had a grade one tear. It looked like I’d just be out for a few days but I pushed myself too hard and I broke down. I picked up a worse injury in my soleus in the calf before the Athletic match. I tried to make it back in time for the final game but the doctors held me back and now I’m going to try and see out the season on a high note with the national team. Anyone who thinks I was trying to avoid playing those last few games clearly doesn’t know me very well”.

Does he give advice on transfers?
“That role is not down to me. The president doesn’t need any advice. As captain, I do occasionally get asked, but it doesn’t depend on me. Those decisions are not for me to make. I’m team captain, nothing more. I don’t decide on coaches, players, training sessions, schedules…”.

Phew! That’s a relief! But is it wrong to hope that his beard goes somewhere before the season starts? I am not loving the billy goat gruff stylings he has going on at the moment.

– Lozil

One Response to “Sergio Has Something To Say”

  1. Carol Merry May 30, 2019 at 4:07 pm #

    Agree beard is ugly. Didn’t he say something about getting married in a couple of weeks? And doesn’t this sound familiar – it was Man U two or three years ago. Now it’s China.

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