Don’t Cry for Argentina!

13 Jun

A surprise point for Argentina!

Both Japan and Argentina can be considered in the rebuilding stage but this scoreless tie felt more like a win for Argentina. While there is some good news coming from Argentina regarding a women’s league in the near future, the Argentine women have had little to no support in the recent past. Their team was considered “inactive” from 2015-2017. So getting to the World Cup and performing well could go a long way for this team.

Japan is rebuilding and Coach Takakura has made a point to experiment with the youth. Hosting the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 is on this team’s mind and while the Japanese want to do well in this tournament, some commentators believe that the true goal is to be on point for the Olympics in two years time.
Hasegawa showed great skill in the early moments of the game but Argentina kept a very tight formation. When Japan would get space, they either lacked the power or the patience to capitalize on their chances.

The entire first half had little to show for itself. Japan consistently tried to get the ball to Hasegawa and the Argentineans shut her down. It was not until the 50th minute or so that Japan had any real chance to speak of. Both Sugasawa and Sameshima had chances in the box that they could not capitalize on.
Argentina have their first attack just after the hour mark. Banini finds Sole Jaimes for a chance but it is saved by Minami. They have one other chance in the dying minutes of the game but again, Coronel cannot score. This could have cost them dearly as a mixup with the Argentine defense almost resulted in a Japanese goal in stoppage time but as was typical of this game, nothing was getting into the goal.

Japan is going to have to come up with some answers before they meet both England and Scotland or this is going to be a very quick tournament for them. Argentina have some potential but they are going to be tested with more ferocity once they meet their other group mates.

Parc de Princes, Paris, France
Attendance: 25,055
Referees: Stephanie Frappart (FRA), Manuel Nicolosi (FRA), Michelle O’Neill (IRE), Anna Marie Keighley (NZL)

ARG: Correa, Gomez, Barroso, Cometti, Stabile, Banini (Captain), Bravo (Santana 64’), Benitez (Coronel, 79’), Mayorga, Bonsegundo (Larroquette 77’)
JAP: Yamashita, Shimizu, Kumagai (Captain), Minami, Sameshima, Nakajima (Endo, 75’), Sugita, Muira, Hasegawa, Sugasawa (Takarada, 90’),Yokoyama (Iwabuchi, 56’)

– ForzaSusan

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