Scottish Heartbreak

21 Jun

HopeChaser told me this was quite the match and she wasn’t kidding. Both Argentina and Scotland had everything to play for and both of them left it all on the field to the bitter end. And the morale of the story is – don’t let up until the final whistle blows. Scotland was up by 3 and gave it away in the last thirty minutes of the match. Even five minutes of extra time could not help Scotland in their must win situation.

Scotland was out of the gates like a shot. Evans, Weir and Cuthbert all ran up the field, ready to take control. It was also a decidedly physical match with fouls from Benitez and Crichton making early appearances.

However, Argentina were also ready tfor the challenge of the day. Bonsegundo delivered a cross to Larrequette who hit the crossbar.

But Scotland immediately answered after Cuthbert forced Correa off her line and passed the ball to Little who poked it into the open net.

However, Argentina put their heads down and get back into it. Both Bonsegundo and Benitez tried to take it to Scotland but Little was as good defending as she was scoring. Correa also came back from the goal with a clear head and was able to handle the likes of Cuthbert and Emslie.

In fairness, while Scotland lead at the half, both teams had their share of chances and blunders and fouls and close calls. The second half saw the same intensity and Scotland found the net again in the 49th minute. Beattie delivered a header from Weir into the net.

Cuthbert continued her spirited runs and forced Correa into a great foot save but a few seconds later, she was back and when Correa couldn’t grab a hold of the ball after a shot from Crichton left it for Cuthbert to finish. She was clearly thrilled and held a picture of a young girl. (There are some reports that it is Cuthbert as a young girl but these have not been confirmed.)

It seemed like Argentina were in big trouble but Scotland started to lose focus and Argentina started to make headway. Substitutes Menendez and Ippolito matched up and found the Scottish keeper unawares.

Five minutes later Bonsegundo hit the crossbar but the bounce hit the line and then bounced into the net. It was all coming apart for Scotland.

And now here is where it went crazy. Scottish substitute Howard fouled Cometti in the box and it was at first ignored by the referee but our old friend VAR stepped in and a penalty was awarded. Corsie, the Scottish captain was livid and proceeded to argue with the ref well after the decision was made and stood by the referee while she instructed Alexander to make sure her foot stayed on the line. It seemed a bit over the top.

Bonsegundo took the penalty but it was saved by Alexander…or was it? Guess what? She didn’t keep her foot on the line and yep, she got a yellow and they had to retake the penalty and this time Bonsegundo scored. I can’t help but wonder if Corsie’s well intentioned complaints ( from a Scottish point of view) actually hindered Alexander. In any case, it was a complete disaster for Scotland.

What a match! Drama from start to finish! Commentator Derek Rae made a comment on Twitter saying “Being a Scot is testing.” While it’s easy to feel sorry for the Scots, Argentina have got to hand it to their ladies who did not give up for one minute. What a story! This had it all – but it is clear that while both teams will be on their way home, it will be Scotland that will feel the more dejected.

Parc des Princes, Paris, France
Attendance: 28,205

Referees: Ri Hyang Ok (PRK), Hong Kum Nyo (PRK), Kim Kyoung Min (KOR), Lidya Tafesse Abebe (ETH)

Line ups:

SCO: Alexander, Smith (Howard 86’), Docherty, Corsie (Captain), Beattie, Little, Weir, Crichton, Evans (Brown 86’) Emslie, Cuthbert

ARG: Correa, Stabile, Cometti, Barroso, Bravo, Santana (Mayorga 82’), Benitez, Larroquette, Bonsegundo, Banini (Captain) (Menendez, 60’) Jaimes (Ippolito, 71)


– ForzaSusan

One Response to “Scottish Heartbreak”

  1. hopechaser June 21, 2019 at 6:28 pm #

    I was riveted when I needed to be doing “work work”. Correa is a badass.

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