Germany Win the Group

22 Jun

Germany had a resounding victory against South Africa to close out their Group stage play. Four goals allowed the Germans to exit group play as Group B Winners.

Scoring started early for the Germans, despite the South African back line trying to stand firm. Melanie Leupolz was unmarked and able to score in the 15th minute.

Vilakazi tried to answer quickly but was unable to score. Dabritz got onto the ball and while her shot was saved, the rebound landed at the feet of Popp, who just couldn’t get herself in the right position to score.

Just under 15 minutes later, Dlamini made an error and left the ball at the feet of Dabritz who capitalized on the opportunity.

Popp was finally able to get her goal a few minutes before the half. Gwinn sent her a lovely cross and she headed it in. 3-0.

Dlamini made a very good save later, managing to clear Leubolz’s ball over the cross bar but unfortunately she was not as lucky to save Magull’s chance in the 58th minute.

But good for South Africa, they didn’t give up. Van Wyk made a long range strike and while it went over the bar, it didn’t miss by much. Dlamini made another good save to deny Schuller’s chance and Kgatlana also made a run but the German keeper was able to clear her shot.

Germany also kept up the attack as Gwinn scored but the goal was taken back for being offsides. There were plenty of opportunities for the Germans and yet the South Africans stood tall and made a good stand for their final match of the tournament.

Sara Dabritz was named as Player of the Match.

While the Germans performed well and won the group, it would be unfair to not salute the proud performances of the South African team. It takes nothing away from the German victory to also celebrate the courage with which the South Africans played and the support they gave to each other. Like our comments regarding Jamaica, we hope that their federation back home will give them the support they need because we’d like to see them again in competitive play and soon!

Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier, France
Attendance: 15,502

Line ups:

RSA: Dlamini, Ramalepe, Van Wyk (captain), Matlou, Vilakazi, Biyana (Smeda 89’), Jane, Makhabane, Mthandi (Kgatlana 46’) , Fulutudilu (Mulaudzi 46’) Ndimeni

GER: Schult, Gwinn, Doorsoun, Hegering, Schweers (Simon 46’) , Huth (Dallmann 59’ ) , Leupolz, Magull, Daebritz, Popp, Buehl (Schuller 66’)

– ForzaSusan

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