Germany move on with win over Nigeria

23 Jun
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Let me get this out of the way first… Fox commentators are the worst. I would rather listen to Ray Hudson, and we know how I feel about Ray.

Actually, I think women’s soccer needs Ray’s excitement. Help us Ray!

Germany came in as favorites to beat Nigeria, despite Nigeria’s reputation as Africa’s best team. Unfortunately, Nigeria’s greatest goal threat Asisat Oshoala was out injured after their final group match with France.

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Nigeria won the first corner of the match when an Ayinde cross was deflected out. Ordega had a shot off the corner, however it was right at Schult.

Nigeria did a great job of pressing Germany’s defense in the opening minutes of the match.

However, after the first 15 minutes, Germany just seemed dominate. They earned multiple corners, though they kept messing up the short corners. And on their first attempt at a NOT short corner, Germany had their goal.

In the 20th minute, a cross whipped in found Popp – literally, she didn’t even move – and the header flashed into the bottom right corner.

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VAR was, of course, called into action. And it was called for again in the 25th minute.

Nwabuoku swung and caught Magull resulting in a penalty after VAR decision.

VAR has been pretty controversial through this World Cup. And I completely understand why. It took 6 damn minutes to make a decision on that penalty. SIX FUCKING MINUTES! So. Fucking. Slow.

Dabritz put the penalty away in the bottom corner and Germany were up 2-0. Oh, yeah… Remember we had a penalty? Yeah, I forgot too.

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Gwinn earned herself a yellow in the 32nd minute after taking a swipe at Ihezuo. I thought Ihezuo had earned one just two minutes later for clattering into Gwinn but she got the stern talking to instead. If it was payback? Eh… Gwinn deserved it.

Nigeria started looking better at about the 40th minute. They earned a free kick that Okobi whipped toward the far corner. Unfortunately it was cleared.

The crowd wanted a penalty in extra time after the ball struck Gwinn in the arm, but the ref made the right decision and that was the end of the real action for the first half.

To begin the second half, Germany replaced Schweers and Leupolz with Simon and Buhl. Nigeria replaced Nwabuoku with Ajibade. It was Ajibade’s World Cup debut.

Nigeria had a corner right away once again but couldn’t make anything of it.

In the 50th minute, Ajibade made a run with the ball from the halfway line into the box and fired a low cross. Millimeters separated Oparanozie from connecting with the ball. Such a wonderful and exciting start for Ajibade!

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In the 57th minute, Huth was booked for charging into the back of Okeke.

Oparanozie was booked for going through the back of Popp in the 61st minute.

I thought Ndazonzie was having quite a good match. She dealt with the German attack quite well. And her punches had purpose when she was called to do so.

In the 69th minute, Germany made their final change with Magull coming in for Oberdorf.

Once again, Nigeria seemed to lose it after the first 20 minutes. Germany once again began to dominate.

In the 74th minute, Ihezuo was subbed out for Uchendu due to injury.

In the 81st minute Ajibade was booked for a clumsy elbow into Hegering as they went for a header.

In the 82nd minute, Germany found their third goal. Ayinde didn’t get enough on a pass back to the keeper and Schuller finished it one time into the bottom left.

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In the 83rd minute, Kanu was replaced by Ogebe for Nigeria.

Nigeria earned a free kick in the 90th minute when Oberdorf’s slide caught Ordega. Unfortunately, Oparanozie’s fabulously taken free kick was just over the bar.

After 5 minutes of added time, it was over. Germany move on.


See that Fox commentators? It wasn’t that hard to learn the Nigerian players’ names. I had notes. With their numbers. I looked at those notes. You should try it.

The other thing I didn’t do? Use lazy tropes.

Physicality and speed. *yawn*

It’s the European coach that brought Nigeria back to a knockout stage after 20 years? Your racism is barely veiled.


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