Taking A Day To Rest & Reflect

10 Sep

As always, we take September 11th off as a day of rest and reflection. There is such sadness in the world right now and so much doesn’t make sense. So perhaps today we can take a moment to think of the things that make life worth living: our friends & family, nature, animals, football, ice cream, great music, laughter, art, Sergio’s fashion choices – whatever gives you joy.  Then take those feeling of happiness and contentment and send them out into the universe and let’s hope the subsequent outpouring of love works some healing mojo on the world. It need all the positivity that we can generate. And while you are at it, please find ways to be kind to each other, no matter how small or simple. We need that too. I do believe things can get better – I have to believe that – but I also believe that we have to be active participants in making it happen. So please do whatever you can – march, donate, volunteer, adopt earth-friendly behaviors, protect the vulnerable, practice random acts of loving-kindness, send good energy, pray, mediate – it all helps.


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