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La Liga Match Fixing Scandal

28 May

Policemen are deployed outside SD Huesca’s headquarters. Photograph: Javier Blasco/EPA

All hell is breaking loose in Spain at the moment where multiple arrests have been made in a match fixing scandal that included the president of Huesca and sadly, two former Real Madrid players Raúl Bravo and Borja Fernandez. Authorities say 15 more people are being investigated. More as it happens….

Little Shop Of (Denim) Horrors

19 Feb

So I was in the Century 21 (a big NYC discount store) and ran into a collection of denim clearly curated by Sergio and Guti because let’s be honest, who else could it be? Continue reading

NC Courage take the Inaugural Women’s International Champions Cup

5 Aug

Congratulations to the current NSWL leaders North Carolina Courage for capturing the first ever Women’s International Champions Cup! They did so by besting five-time and current Champions League winners Olympique Lyon 1-0 in front of almost no one in Miami. Continue reading

So Yeah, We Did That

13 Jun

Leave it to Real Madrid to feed the Drama Llama the extra special Purina llama chow.  I just can’t. As I was telling watishista M in the comments, I’ve been dealing with major upheavals in my own life, hence, why there has been almost no posting besides the Drools since the Champions League final.  I have not been able to handle one iota extra of clusterfuckery and as we all know, our beloved team serves it up by the truck load. Case in point: our new coach, Julen Lopetegui. Continue reading

Updated: Fuerza Barcelona

17 Aug

Yes, we won a trophy last night but it’s clearly not the time to talk about that or celebrate. Right now, all our thoughts are on the tragedy in Barcelona. Continue reading

Lyon’s Sexist Faux Pas

29 Jan

1485637472_481146_1485637680_noticia_normalOh…hell to the no. These were photos captured from the MEN’s Ligue One game between Olympique Lyon (OL) vs Lille on the weekend. And who quickly called them out on it? The captain of the OL women’s team and world-class defender, Wendie Renard. Continue reading

Rule Against Women

24 Jan

lucy-ward-0157Did you know it became “a rule that no women [we]re permitted to work with the first team at Leeds”? A rule. This came about following the firing of Lucy Ward, Leeds United’s Head of Education, for “dubious” reasons. What rightfully followed that action was Ward’s pursuit of an unfair dismissal and sex discrimination court case vs the club, which she won this past summer. Continue reading

FIFA Disbands Racism Task Force

26 Sep


Yeah, you read that right. The FIFA appointed task force on combatting racism has been disbanded. The kicker? They never held a single meeting! Continue reading

Stand Up, Take Notice, Do Something

24 Jul

_89732273_jesustomillero“In football, the problem is that people think it’s a ‘macho men’ sport. I think that this sport can be enjoyed by homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, by anyone.” These are the truthful words of Jesús Tomillero, Spain’s first openly gay football referee. Continue reading

Abs Be Gone!

15 Jul

Will the ridiculousness never end?!?! That The Washington Post picked up this story makes it even moreso. If nothing else, I suppose this is proof the whole ‘real-or-photoshopped’ debate is not limited to just women?