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Tragedy in the Midst of Our Joy

29 May

the crest

We’re so disgusted and sad to learn that while watching the Champions League Final yesterday, another Real Madrid supporters group in Iraq was attacked. Continue reading

Terrorists Attack Real Madrid Supporters in Iraq

13 May

real_madrid_logoSome heartbreaking news today. Members of a Real Madrid supporters group in Balad, Iraq were attacked and gunned down by terrorists with AK-47s. Continue reading

Not Cool

12 Jan

Cris’s statue in Madeira has been vandalized with Messi’s name and number painted on his shirt. Douche move. You can be a fan of another player and not do something disrespectful like this. It doesn’t make you a better fan, it makes you an arsehole. I’d say the same if CR7 “fans” defaced a Messi statue. There’s no reason for this sort of dickery. Grow the fuck up.

– Lozil

Like A (New) Boss & Some Regrettable Behavior

5 Jan

Satellite (3)It was all about the double ZZ today as Zizou helmed his first session as the boss. It coincided with the team’s annual open training so he got a lot of love from the fans and the squad. Continue reading

Let’s Hope This Isn’t A Case Of “Start As You Mean To Go On”

1 Jan

060028-23090496-85ff-11e4-b6d1-a55c994c6803What did I say just yesterday about easing up on the drama? Being Real Madrid, that just couldn’t happen. After spending a quiet New Year’s Day mildly hungover and binge watching Jessica Jones, I get text from Shigs about someone going on a high speed car chase with the police. First thought was Benzema, naturally. But then she said “like Benzema” so my brain said “Oh c’mon Jese, JFC.” BUT NO. She texts again and says James. JAMES RODRIGUEZ?! WTH? Continue reading

Official Statement On Benzema’s France Suspension

10 Dec

It was announced today that Karim has been suspended from the French National Team for the duration of the investigation into his part in the Valbuena sex tape blackmail scandal. Real Madrid released a statement. Continue reading

Preparations For Getafe and Who Is Minding The Store?

3 Dec

Satellite (6)Amidst all the drama, Los Blancos began preparing to meet Getafe on Saturday. Continue reading

Iker’s Final Presser

12 Jul

So I’ve been lying in bed since the ass crack of dawn, looking at these pictures and dreading writing this post. I can’t really put it off any longer. Gotta just bite the bullet and get on with it. I’ll tell what though, watch Iker Casillas crying his way through a press conference is definitely not how I wanted to start my day. Continue reading

Player Given Straight Red For Homophobic Language

11 Jun

prettyannamoon_2 red card homophobiaNorwegian football is cracking down on homophobic language and taking it seriously as Baerum SK’s Simen Juklerod recently found out. Continue reading

The Evil Empire Continues

29 May

SeppBlatterWCFor those who weren’t watching the clusterfuckery of the FIFA elections live today, here’s how it went down: Continue reading