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World Cup 2014- Group B- Match Report: Spain 1 – Netherlands 5

13 Jun

Oh, the joy and the agony of covering the group in which my favorite team plays. Right now it’s mostly the agony, but on I go… Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group B: Baile Con La Roja

12 Jun

Sadly, our Spanish boys haven’t shared their hotel room list, but our beloved carebear, Juan Mata, did take to Twitter to share their music! Continue reading

World Cup 2014: The Sernando Love Train Rolls On

12 Jun

tumblr_n70el2y6wy1qc78ubo1_1280Yeah, I’m still awake. I’ve been trying to go to sleep and I’m just tossing and turning. One. More. Post. I swear! Then I’m really going to bed. Sernando seems to be making up for lost time with the constant bromancing. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group B: The B Stands for Bromance

11 Jun

Group BWhat better way to start my group coverage than with a post full of national team love, right? Continue reading

Cue The Bondage Jokes

4 Jun

Here’s Sergio seeing how fast he can tie a tie for Hugo Boss. One can only imagine the bondage scenarios that are flying through your filthy little minds right now (or is that just me?) Guesses are that many of them are Sernando-related since they’ve been snuggling up on national team duty. Continue reading

Sergio Ramos, A Son Of Sevilla

30 May

SatelliteSergio was honored by his beloved hometown of Sevilla today with the medal of the city and the presentation of a sculpture at La Roja’s match vs. Bolivia. (Video here) Continue reading

Provisional World Cup 2014 Squad List For Spain Released

13 May

La Roja provisionalThe provisional squad list for Spain has been released! A few surprises but not as many as I expected. Continue reading

La Roja ‘Nos esforzaremos como vosotros’ Movistar Commericial Released

27 Apr

Well, that didn’t take long. La Roja released a teaser for this on Friday and the full ad yesterday. It’s quite lovely. Each of the team members goes and works a “normal”job. Iniesta in a kitchen, Juanfran & Santi as gardeners, Pepe Reina at a day care (LOL! Very appropriate!) and Xabi as an orderly at a nursing home. Conveniently,  unamadridista did a translation over on con la roja so you can pop over there for more background on the ad.

– Lozil

A Little La Roja Role Play?

25 Apr

Oh, what will they think of next?! La Roja is going to do a little undercover action (Unfortunately, not “under the covers” action). This spot is a teaser for an upcoming commercial. What do you think of Xabi with black hair and a beard? He’s kinda rocking the “My Sexy Professor For English Lit 101” look, isn’t he? Oh impart to me the wisdom of Shakespeare, Professor Alonso!  (All. Night. Long.) Can’t wait to see the full ad.

– Lozil

Lend Your Heart To La Roja

14 Apr

Cruzcampo has a new campaign called #PrestanosTuCorazon (Lend Your Heart) for the World Cup. The idea is to send in the crest from your national team uniform to create a giant flag that will go to every Spanish National Team game. Good god, do these people not realize how much kits cost?! Anyhow, more info here and you can watch Sese & several other members of La Roja in the ad. (Anyone care to translate the ad? If so, please do in the comments)

– Lozil