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CONFIRMED! (ish) Real Madrid vs. AC Milan

23 May


More Soccer At Yankee Stadium: AC Milan vs. Real Madrid In August!
By Dan Dickinson 

(This map was released for the July 22 match—we are guessing it’ll be similar on August 8)

It’s going to be a busy summer for soccer. AC Milan director Umberto Gandini broke news on Twitter today that the storied Italian club will face Real Madrid in a friendly match at Yankee Stadium on August 8th. Continue reading

Mou-lebrate Good Times C’mon!

22 May

Real Madrid has officially announced that Mou has extended his contract until June 30, 2016. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading

Glory Glory Lozil’s Dunzo!

22 Mar

I can’t believe it! I’M DONE! (Unless I tanked one of these classes and have to take it over, but heaven forbid) GRADUATE SCHOOL IS OVER! My graduation ceremony isn’t until mid-June, but classes are finally over. My presentation kinda sucked. Dropped and scrambled my notes midway through and rambled a bit, BUT SCREW IT, I’M DONE! Continue reading

Watishista News Flash: Problems Commenting On WordPress Blogs

15 Mar

Some of you have been experiencing issues commenting here at HB & HB. I did a little detective work (thanks to watishista Em for giving me the heads up) and it turns out that WordPress decided to “update” the commenting system and didn’t bother to announce it in advance to blog owners. Would have been nice to know, guys!  Anyhow, here’s the skinny: Continue reading

Breaking News: Fabio Capello Resigns As England Coach

8 Feb

It’s official. Fabio Capello has resigned as the coach of England’s National Team.

– Lozil

Stop The Presses! Is There a Pique & Shakira Sex Tape Out There?!

24 Jan

Oh ho! Kickette is relaying the news that there is an alleged Pique-Shakira sex tape and that one of Shakira’s employees is blackmailing the couple, demanding money to stop the release. Continue reading

Fun To Be One!

16 Jan

Today is HB & HB’s official first birthday! As we mentioned recently,  made our first post on 12/31/10 but we didn’t make the blog public until 1/16/11 due to being scared out of our wits. Lucky for us you didn’t throw rotten tomatoes so we stuck around. It’s been a wonderful ride and I hope this will be the first of many birthdays we’ll all celebrate together. Maisougio and I didn’t expect our baby to be so well received and to grow so fast. We are incredibly thankful for the fun, amazing insights and sense of community all of you bring here each day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. WATISHISTAS RULE!

Love, Lozil xoxo

Earth Shattering News: Nando Cuts Hair

8 Jan

Okay, granted, it appears to be just a trim, but the news is still blowing up all over Twitter and Tumblr so I would be remiss if I didn’t share a few pictures (courtesy of daviniatorres9). Hey, he needed a trim, it was getting pretty unruly. I was just bitching about it the other day.  In happy news, it also sounds like he’s playing really well today. Go Nando go! Continue reading

UPDATED: Makes A Great Christmas Gift!

9 Dec

I was reading MGEF and came upon a post about these cute footy tshirts designed by fellow tumblrite recitaldepeter. I love them! Thought you would dig them too. Many of our faves are featured: Cris, Sergio (the design for Sese is epic!), Guti, Nando. Check out the other designs after the jump. The shirts can be purchased here. Get out there and support an artist! (You know which one I’m going to buy!) Continue reading

Rest In Peace: Brazilian Soccer Legend Socrates Dead At 57

4 Dec

Ex-Brazil captain Socrates dies at 57

Associated Press

SAO PAULO — On and off the field, former Brazil star Socrates stood out above the rest.

His elegant style and his deep involvement with politics made him a unique figure in Brazilian soccer, setting him apart from the players of his time and even of today. Continue reading