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An Open Letter To Our Captain

13 Jul

Iker bows

When hopechaser suggested that we post our testimonial to Iker on the blog, I recoiled for a moment. You see, I was stuck in traffic in the DC area (shocking) and had only just received the text confirming his departure. I have been avoiding transfer rumors and even confirmations as much as possible. This was a trying year for me as a footie fan and I need the break. Continue reading

The Best Thing I’ve Seen All Week

9 Apr

zlatanI burst out laughing when I woke up and saw this. Not one, but 2 watishistos sent me this. Zlatan now has his own Zlatan-centric search engine! Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Quarterfinals: Netherlands vs Costa Rica Match Report

8 Jul

*Loooooong exhale………..*

Everyone said this game would be a blowout. Experts all said Costa Rica had no chance of winning. 4-0 Netherlands. 3-0 Netherlands. Blah blah blah. Zero was the only number predicted for Costa Rica in every preview I read/listened to prior to kick-off. Costa Rica were given little to no chance of winning let alone even competing with the Dutch. Of course, these were all the same “experts” who wrote off Costa Rica in every previous game too. Of which, Costa Rica. Won. All. Continue reading

Updated: Suarez Apologizes…Until The Next Time

30 Jun

Yeah, I’d like to believe it won’t happen again but after 3 biting incidents in 4 years… Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Karim Benzema: Menace II Society

26 Jun

10401571_661821107244101_654793905_nI mean, it’s one thing if young ‘uns like Antoine Griezmann want to fangirl over Karim like he’s Harry Styles and emulate his poor hair choices. But it’s something completely different when Karim’s follicular tragedies unduly influence one of our best and brightest fully grown men.  Yes, someone else has fallen under the sway of the dead animal pelt coiffure. And it breaks my heart to tell you who. Continue reading

World Cup 2014: Does The Punishment Fit The Crime(s)?

26 Jun
***BESTPIX***  Italy v Uruguay:

Don’t worry, Luis, I’m sure your teeth are still working JUST fine. Ask Giorgio.

In this case? Hell to the nah, in my opinion. Chompers has gotten a ban, yes, but considering his history, I don’t think it’s enough. Continue reading

World Cup 2014: Disciplinary Proceedings Opened Against Chompers

25 Jun

2383645_full-lndFIFA has moved to open disciplinary proceedings against Luis Suarez, who once again, can’t keep his teeth to himself. Continue reading

Preach John Oliver!

10 Jun

Watishista Luz sent in this fantastic bit from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He just rips into FIFA and it’s nothing short of brilliant.

– Lozil

UPDATED: Bits & Bobs: The “I Need A Cocktail Something Fierce” Edition

13 Jul

Oh boy, it has been a long day. I was up really early working from home while waiting for not one, but two (!), visits from the air conditioner repairman and considering how humid and gross this NYC summer has been, it was an absolute must. So, now I’m a couple of hundred bucks poorer, but the house is cool again. Alas, my brain is fried though. Summers are supposed to be slow, don’t you think? Why is work so busy? Argh. Anyhow, I’m going to drop some bits and bobs that I’ve collected on y’all, then pour myself a nice glass of wine and kick back for the evening.

To start things off, the fabulous torso of Sami Khedira! He and Lena are now in Miami. However, he’s sporting the same trunks that Mesut and Sergio had last summer.  C’mon, Sami! Those trunks are sooooo 2011! He still looks hot as hell. Continue reading

Oh You Naughty Pony!

2 Jun

Yeah, I pretty much have the same reaction when I look at Nando’s badonk-a-donk, but you might try to be a bit more subtle, Sese – the prime minister is like 2 feet away. (Gif via Fuck Yeah Sernando)

– Lozil