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Preach John Oliver!

10 Jun

Watishista Luz sent in this fantastic bit from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He just rips into FIFA and it’s nothing short of brilliant.

– Lozil

UPDATED: Bits & Bobs: The “I Need A Cocktail Something Fierce” Edition

13 Jul

Oh boy, it has been a long day. I was up really early working from home while waiting for not one, but two (!), visits from the air conditioner repairman and considering how humid and gross this NYC summer has been, it was an absolute must. So, now I’m a couple of hundred bucks poorer, but the house is cool again. Alas, my brain is fried though. Summers are supposed to be slow, don’t you think? Why is work so busy? Argh. Anyhow, I’m going to drop some bits and bobs that I’ve collected on y’all, then pour myself a nice glass of wine and kick back for the evening.

To start things off, the fabulous torso of Sami Khedira! He and Lena are now in Miami. However, he’s sporting the same trunks that Mesut and Sergio had last summer.  C’mon, Sami! Those trunks are sooooo 2011! He still looks hot as hell. Continue reading

Oh You Naughty Pony!

2 Jun

Yeah, I pretty much have the same reaction when I look at Nando’s badonk-a-donk, but you might try to be a bit more subtle, Sese – the prime minister is like 2 feet away. (Gif via Fuck Yeah Sernando)

– Lozil

El Pirata Gets His Troll On…

22 Jan

::snort:: Can’t help but love him when he says shit like this. And it’s the absolute truth. So there you go. HALA MADRID!

– Lozil

Women and Children Only

20 Sep

A bunch of us seem to have read this fantastic story on Dirty Tackle at the same time, so I thought I’d re-post it here for everyone else. I dug around and found a bunch more pictures of the ladies at the game and they are just wonderful.
Continue reading

The Machine In Action

7 Sep

Holy tamoley! There’s a reason that they call Cristiano Ronaldo “The Machine.” Check this photo out (the thighs, OMG, the thighs!). The press caption is as follows: “In this photo released by Castrol EDGE and taken in Madrid on July 10th, 2011, Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Portugal takes part in one of a series of tests specifically devised to demonstrate his speed and strength. The tests form the basis of a one hour film – “Ronaldo – Tested to the Limit” – which premieres in Madrid on September 7th, 2011. “

Officially Sanctioned Bromancing

8 Aug

I was greeted by this shot on the front page of this morning. Ah, it’s lovely to see one of my favorite bromances officially recognized. Also, I love the fact that this is the front page. Can you imagine an NFL team putting a picture of two guys holding hands in the featured spot on their website? I think not. Real Madrid, however, has got to be the bromancing-est team in footy. They are secure in their manliness and can hold hands with impunity, for which I am most grateful. Keep bromancing, gentleman. We love that you aren’t afraid to show that you care.