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That’s The Spirit, Olímpic de Xàtiva!

17 Dec

What an absolutely delightful thing to wake up to! Our opponents in tomorrow’s Copa Del Rey match, Segunda B side Olímpic de Xàtiva, made this adorable commercial for Vodafone. Smiling and dancing around singing “Don’t Worry Be Happy” they couldn’t be more charming. Considering that they held us to a 0-0 draw in the first leg, I’m sure they’re in a relatively decent mood. Let’s hope our “good” team shows up and it’s not our evil twin that seems to fall apart at the drop of a hat. But in the meantime, enjoy the cute boys being cute.  (H/T to 101 Great Goals)

– Lozil

Mid-day Update

10 Jul

BO02-MjCQAEGGGwOkay, it’s only mid-day because I never seem to make it to bed until the wee hours. Here’s a couple of things and more later.

Calleti & Marta were snapped in Napoli where he underwent a physical today. I’m sure the pictures of his contract signing, etc. will be out soon. (Via @NapoliSphera) Continue reading


3 May

From Soccer AM courtesy of 101 Great Goals and Dirty Tackle