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The Daily Drool: Timo Perthel

14 May

Timo PerthelMidfielder Timo plays for MSV Duisburg in the 2. Bundesliga. He has represented Germany at the U18, U19 and U20 levels.

The Daily Drool: Jürgen Gjasula

3 May

Jürgen_Gjasula_2011_1Albanian born, German raised Jürgen is an attacking midfielder for MSV Duisburg in the 2nd Bundesliga.

The Daily Drool: Nicolas Farina

9 Mar

Nicolas FarinaFrench attacking midfielder/right winger Nicolas plays for FC Energie Cottbus in the 2. Bundesliga

The Daily Drool: Jonatan Kotzke

6 Mar

Jonatan Kotzke22 year old midfielder Jonatan has played for SSV Jahn Regensburg in the 2. Bundesliga since 2012.


The Daily Drool: Dennis Daube

10 Sep

German midfielder Dennis plays with 2. Bundesliga side FC St. Pauli who are famous for their great off kilter commercials like the legendary one where they off Santa Claus and the kit reveal this year (towards the end of the post).