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The Daily Drool: Daniel Sturridge

8 Sep

Striker/winger Daniel plays for Chelsea. He has represented England internationally at the U16, U17, U18, U19, U20, U21 and senior levels. He was a member of Team Great Britain at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

A Lot Of Catching Up To Do…

13 Aug

Yes, my lazy arse is finally back to posting. Sorry I’ve neglected you for the past few days. I got back from Philly late on Saturday night and spent almost all of Sunday fast asleep. I was worn out! Didn’t even turn on my computer.  Shout outs to Team Sweaty Shanks (DK, J-9, Shiggers & ginboonmiller) who accompanied me on the journey and awesome watishistas mygypsyspirit, conflictedinspain, Mandi & blackwidow who we got to meet up with. I really enjoyed hanging out with you ladies! I’m so sunburned that I glow in the dark and I could sleep for another week straight, but I had a wonderful time at the pre-season matches.

RM arrived in Spain yesterday (exceptions being the La Roja players that were called up). They didn’t waste any time hauling arse outta there after the game. Heck, Mesut posted a shot of them on the plane while we were enjoying our post-match pints. Continue reading

Yesterday’s Training/Mou Interview

10 Aug

Okay, I’m trying to haul arse here before I leave for Philly in a half hour. Hopefully the Bolt bus has working wifi so I can update, but just in case, here’s some training shots and a Mou interview. Continue reading

The Special One Meets Michael Corleone & Other Social Media Moments

9 Aug

Just a few more bits and bobs before I head out for the evening. Here’s Mou posing with Al Pacino. I wonder who asked who for the picture?  Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Arrival In NY, Transfer News And More

8 Aug

The team arrived last night and is hopefully scurrying somewhere around NYC where we can find them even as we speak.

And I have to ask, why Arbeloa are you sitting by yourself with Albiol behind you (not to mention keeping your aviators on)? Is Pipa teasing both of you by hanging out with Norma up front?  Tangled webs, boys, tangled webs.

Continue reading

Final Training Before NYC, Alex Injury, Another Award For Cris & More

7 Aug

Look at this adorable shot of Iker that Real Madrid had up on their website today. He looks happy and ready to come to NYC to rock Shiggers’ world, oh yes he does!

Our fine gentlemen had one final morning practice at UCLA before heading off to New York. Continue reading

Put The Pressure On The JFA

6 Aug

Remember this bullshit where the Japanese women’s team had to fly economy while the men’s team got business class? Well, keep the pressure on the JFA to give them a business class ride home. Watishista forzasusan found a petition on Change.org that you can sign. The women will definitely medal now as they are in the finals against the US (after a stunning win over Canada), but these World Cup winning ladies should be flying business class no matter what.

– Lozil


Some Brazilian Bits & Bobs

6 Aug

Things are relatively quiet in the Real Madrid camp today, what with Xabi tearing a hole through the net with his golazo and Sami scoring with his face. They’ve earned a bit of rest.  So here’s some bits and bobs from the Brazilians. I’ll be back later tonight.

Oh and PS – no word as of yet from the folks at Lincoln Field about the RM practice on Friday night. Continue reading

Summer Lovin’ Had Me A Blast

5 Aug

While I was out on a Saturday night whooping it up with Shiggers and ginboonmiller, the boys went social media mad. Figures. First and most important, Alvaro posted this shot relaxing with his true and rightful bromantic love, Albiol, by the pool. More of that please. However, then he followed up with an Albiolita shot. Hey, I’m not averse to a threesome in the slightest, gentlemen! Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Training, The Mayor, Tourism Visitors And Candid Shots

4 Aug

Well, my lazy arse is finally sitting down to update the blog. I conked out early last night and then I’ve been running around all morning. There’s yesterday’s training to catch up on and later today, The Ramos will meet the press. Continue reading