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Real Fan. Real Energy. Real Madrid.& It’s Samba Time!

6 Nov

Remember when we had our third kit launch? Well, here’s a little video of the Adidas contest winners who got to meet Marcelo, Benz & G-Money. I can’t believe they didn’t take advantage of Karim’s special skill set and let him take that elevator selfie! Continue reading

Updated: Real Fans. Real Madrid.

21 Aug

I’ll have more a bit later on training, Raul & Xabi but here’s a video that Adidas made for the new jerseys and it’s a pretty cool concept. Continue reading

The New Kits Are Upon Us AKA WTF Is Up With That Font?!

30 May

New Kits 2013-2014

The new kit was presented today as the ‘Peez announced the multi-year sponsorship deal with Emirates. It looks pretty good, right? (Well, except now we’re going to have to call Iker “San Violet Beauregarde” – let’s hope he doesn’t gain weight or the resemblance will be tragic). Continue reading

Are you ready to say “Goodbye” to Bwin?

22 May


I’m not. Can we all agree that Never Can Say Goodbye  is the theme song to the rest of the season? Mou is out (I will not dwell on this, I will not dwell on this!), our squad is being hacked to pieces by agents & transfer demons as we speak, and now we have to come to terms with bidding adieu to our familiar Bwin logo, because pics of next season’s jerseys have been released by Marca. Sigh. I like to think I’m a welcomer of change, but shit, this week has been rough! Thankfully, the jerseys are not horrifying and y’all will survive all these changes…probably. Continue reading


7 Mar

2013-14aSo this is making the rounds as one of our potential kits for 2013-2014. Not great, but not too bad, right? Well, check out the other ones. Continue reading