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WC Qualifier: Spain vs Georgia

18 Oct

Spain Georgia WCup Soccer

Well Alberto Moreno, behavior like that WILL get you called up again for International Duty! Jeez these newbies move fast, but I guess they have to in order to keep us happy. No Serndando, no Tormata, no Double A’s, no nothing beautiful & bromantic!….except for Seriker. Thank God for Seriker.

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La Roja Ready for Georgia

14 Oct


La Roja is making me feel like Tyra with these pics….”Best photo goes to….Valdes.” Victor, we will accept your kisses & allow you to enjoy the opening image spot. I don’t know who to hand it to more, the Spanish keepers with their fab booties, flowing air kisses, & willingness to back it up into Iker, or the fab photographers who capture these moments. Either way, I yam happy girl.

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WC Qualifier: Spain vs Belarus

13 Oct


No one objects to opening with this shot right? Sometimes you just gotta go straight to the dessert, am I right or am I right? 馃槈 Continue reading

Last Training Of The Week

11 Oct

The team (well, the few of them that are left in Madrid) had their last training of the week. The 16 internationals are in the midst of their matches. The Baby played a full 90 today in France’s 6-0 thrashing of Australia and appears to not be broken in any way. Whew! Continue reading

La Roja Ready for Belarus

10 Oct


Seriously, bless the photographers who take shots like this one.They really bring out everything this blog stands for, all that naughty, dirty, yumminess that comes to mind at the sight of them. ALLLLL the keepers want to booty pop and back those thangs into Iker! That’s how La Roja does it……prepare for WC Qualifiers that is.

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A Lotta La Roja All Up In Yo Face

12 Sep


Let me tell you, never and I mean never lose track of posting when ya boys are on international duty! It’s not healthy to let your La Roja coverage get backed up, you’ve got to ogle freely & share the goods. Instead of game watching & fangirling I was house hunting, it was not fun -__- but all the La Roja treats we missed have been compiled into one longggggggggg & pretty post. Get ready for lots of Sese.

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La Roja Ready for Finland

5 Sep


Soldado’s got a hold of Iker and someone’s got a hold of their wedgie…we see you unidentified male in the upper right corner! La Roja finished up their preparations for tomorrow’s WC Qualifier against Finland….can we get a big win, boys??

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One for La Roja, One for Les Bleus

19 Oct

Well, this match didn’t have the energy level I was looking & hoping for and it certainly didn’t have the ending I was expecting, talk about late stunners! Things died down after Sergio’s goal (woot freaking woot!) and remained kind of calm until Giroud’s last minute equalizer…it was very little in the middle but she got much back Benz. 馃槈 I tell ya, draws suck, but these pics & gifs don’t…check it!

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La Roja Ready For France

15 Oct


The boys finished up their final preparations for the match tomorrow, bringing equal parts of energy for drills & prettiness for us. As always, La Roja’s final training session was filled with smiles and some of the boys got a special little visit from some amis….*hint* *hint*

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The Itty Bitties Kick Belarus Booty

15 Oct

Despite how humble La Roja was going into their match against Belarus, we all pretty much expected the WC Qualifier to be a breeze for them. The adorable itty bitty, Jordi Alba, opened up the scoring, Pedro scored his first hat trick, and Iker got a clean sheet – I bet he’ll take ’em where he can get ’em! The pics were severely lacking for this match, so I’m afraid this is going to be a short & quick one.

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