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World Cup 2018: Allez Les Bleus!

18 Jul
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This is what USD$38 million looks like. How does it look to you? It looks like SUCCESS to me. Continue reading

World Cup 2018: Semi-finals Recap

13 Jul

Croatia. What? Croatia. What? Croatia! The team the European Union (re)built. Up against France. The team Africa built. I don’t recall anyone predicting this match-up for the final. I don’t recall anyone predicting France beyond the semi-finals or Croatia beyond the Group Stage. Not that I read them all, because, umm, why?! Continue reading

World Cup 2018: Ronaldo vs Ronaldon’t

9 Jul

As part of its World Cup ‘Believe’ campaign, Nike sat down with a few different players including Cristiano for a video series on various success topics. Of these videos, Cris’ are the best because, well, just watch: Continue reading

World Cup 2018: Quarter-finals Recap

9 Jul

We’ve hit the quarter-finals in the World Cup and while there are plenty of candidates for which country has the best fans, I’d say there’s only one for the most obnoxious and eye-rolling inducing. It’s England. Of course it is. Try to tell me I’m wrong. Continue reading

World Cup 2018: The Not-So-Beautiful Game

9 Jul

Back in 2014, the English anti-violence organization Tender ran the #StandUpWorldCup campaign to draw attention to the issue of increased domestic violence when England play. Continue reading

World Cup 2018: Round of 16 Recap

6 Jul

That’s it. The World Cup is over. Lock the doors and shutter the windows. Sound the death toll. Both Ronaldo and Messi are out. There’s nothing more to see here. Wait, what’s that you say? A penalty shootout? Ohh, and another! And another! Halt the cleanup boys, we’ve got ourselves a banger of a World Cup. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – World Cup 2018 Group H – Japan: Yoshinori Mutō

3 Jul

A lovely note to end on! Forward Yoshinori currently plays for 1. FSV Mainz 05. He has represented Japan at the senior level.