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Hair Horror: That’s So 2013 Sergio!

24 Jul

lionel-messi-haircutAnd also tres post-Aaron Ramsey.  This look has been done to death, honey. Wasn’t good when they did it, not good now. SMDH.

– Lozil

Euro 2016 Songs: Wales’ Official Anthem “Together Stronger (C’mon Wales)”

11 Jun

JS89580952Watishista Mandy found the official Wales Euro song for us and I was delighted to see that it was by a band I love: Manic Street Preachers.  Continue reading

Erm, Arsenal? Please Don’t Quit Your Day Jobs

31 May

Mazel tov to Arsenal for winning the FA Cup again, but oh lordy, this sets the Cringe-O-Meter to overload. That said, Per, Ramsey & Koscielny certainly are game. Bless. (It’s still not as bad as that wretched NYC FC song) Oh and Mesut? One thing I need to say to you… Continue reading

It’s Okay ‘Cause We’ve Got Aaron Ramsey* (On The Catwalk)

30 Jan

Aaron Ramsey 1Oh hey there, Aaron Ramsey! You’re looking quite nice. Congratulations on signing to Elite Model Management London.

Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Bonus Edition: Aaron Ramsey

26 Mar

Because I am exceedingly kindhearted – and hey, he is hot! – I’m adding a bonus TDD today for wa-tishista! notoriousjk to prove that all NYers are not mean. It’s a very special day for Arsenal central midfielder Ramsey. Today, he will take the pitch for the first time as captain of the Welsh National team.  He now holds the record for the youngest captain ever for the Welsh side at 20 years and 90 days. Lead well, young Aaron and have a wonderful game against England.  Notoriousjk shared a gif with us that is so purty, we really need to include it. Sorry I can’t put it in the body of the post.

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