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Meanwhile Back At The Ranch (Or Y’Know, Valdebebas) & International Duty

5 Feb

Entrenamiento (4)Aw! It looks like Chori is missing having one of his bromance partners around! So what’s a boy to do when both his men are off on international duty? Team up with the other point in that bromantic quartet, Calleti! Continue reading

UPDATED: 50 Shades of Bronzer

20 Jun

Oh, thank you Kickette for posting this extremely NSFW video of Adil Rami this morning. I’m not sure what my 9AM brain was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t this. Plop goes the towel and then shines the body oils & bronzer, if that doesn’t get your morning eyes to focus, I don’t know what will! You can check out the rest of the 2011 Stadium Gods here or just do a quick dirty google search, them puppies are not hard to find.


UPDATED: You don’t have to look too far. When Adil was the Daily Drool last July, we used the photo from this shoot.

– Lozil

UPDATED Again:Before they face off: Spain & France

20 Jun

It’s always nice to start with the booty shots isn’t it? I think so. Well it’s crunch time for the last eight! Things are going to get tougher, quieter, & more serious as the tournament winds down. Spain will have a closed training tomorrow, BOO, and I don’t know how many other teams will decide to cut us off, because that is what they’re doing! Anywho, Spain & France got to doing their thang today and because the amount of both team’s photos were kind of light, you get a face off training post! Double the yums, ooh’s, aah’s, and woot woot’s.

Continue reading

Things don’t go as planned for France

19 Jun

Hmmm…Sweden decided to kick some ass on their way out of the tournament, didn’t they? The Swedes left the French stunned, actually I think everyone was stunned, after the first goal (which was killer) I thought France would just bounce back but things got messy & they never recovered. Thanks to Zlatan & Larsson, Sweden got to leave the Euros on a more positive note, while France needs to pick it up & put some oomph back into their game for Saturday’s clash against Spain. Not too much oomph though…;) Continue reading

The Rain in Ukraine Stays Mainly in the Plains

15 Jun

The rain also stayed mainly in the boys’ kits! Everyone was soaked in just four minutes of play time, at which point the game was postponed for about 30 or so minutes, due to thunder and lightning. The boys then had to re-warm up & get back into game mode, fortunately for Les Bleus they were able to come back & win 2-0. We still have no Benz goal but he’s getting close, he assisted both Menez & Cabaye in their goals, and unfortunately he was subbed off before the end & didn’t get to take part in the half nekkid fiesta. Sacrebleu! Je veux juste te voir nue! Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Adil Rami

10 Jul

Well then, hello Mr. July!  This is from a calendar called Gods of the Stadium. I’ll take two, please!  A French-born center back of Moroccan descent, Adil played for Lille from 2007 – January 2011. He signed a contract then for Valencia and was immediately loaned back to Lille so he could finish out the season.  Lille won the league and cup double. He passed his medical on June 13, so we’ll see him playing in La Liga this season! His nickname is Shrek but as he is neither green nor ogre-ish (or resembling Wayne Rooney), I have no idea how the hell he got that moniker. Anyone out there know? Adil joined the French National Team in 2010 and has made 11 appearances thus far.