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Arbeloita Wish You A Happy Weekend

19 Apr

ArbeloitaI’m going to be trapped in meetings for the next 4-5 hours and won’t be able to update until later, so I thought I’d leave you this little piccy of Arbeloita to tide you over. Alvaro, WTF is going on with your hair? And why does Pipa look like he has a conehead? And where is Albiol? I need a little weekend AHA! Laters y’all.

– Lozil

Arrival In Valencia, Some Bits & Bobs

19 Jan

Llegada_a_Valencia11Now that’s what we like to see – some AHA action, but primarily Double A with Pipita taking up the – ahem – tail end. The team is now in Valencia and holed up at the Westin Valencia. Continue reading

Training, Angel Presser, Call Ups, Mou Milestone, Cris Interview & More

14 Jan

I moved into my new office today and I’m in the midst of unpacking. First thing I did was hang up my Real Madrid flag lest there be any confusion about what team I support.  Next up was the picture of me, Shigs, Maisougio & her crew at the Spain – USA game. Now that I’ve got  that done, I can get down to business. I feel more relaxed with familiar things around me. Continue reading

More Of Yesterday’s Valdebebas Session

17 Aug

Of course, both Real Madrid and Daylife added lots more pictures of training yesterday after I’d gone off for the evening. I attended (along with Shiggers, ginboonmiller and Billina) a reading in the East Village. It was a very good friend of our’s who has a new book coming out in January. She was amazing and of course, we got tipsy and giggly. Me especially, because I didn’t have time for dinner before the reading. I stumbled home, ate some ice cream and called it a night. So you get a double dose of training booty today. Believe it or not, that is Albiol’s arse on the right! He’s giving Pipita a run for his money in the Applebum stakes right there.  Continue reading