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Eye Patch Pipa, Dancing Santa Calleti, Marek Hamsik As The Virgin Mary?!

17 Dec

PipaYep, it’s almost time for the annual SSC Napoli calendar, which is released tomorrow. I CAN’T WAIT! Continue reading

Training & Valentines

14 Feb
Someone's gonna get sued by Bale.

Someone’s gonna get sued by Bale.

I’m so pissed! I thought the match was tomorrow so I scheduled something for Sunday morning that I now can’t get out of. DAMN IT! I’m going to miss the first half. Sigh. So anyhow the team trained again today for the dang match on Sunday. ::pouts:: Continue reading

A Xabi Break, Aliens, Hello Santi Claus! & More

18 Dec

BbwgJRkIAAAAYbiIt’s nice to finally be home from work! Since I kinda blew it earlier and tomorrow’s Drool published inadvertently (since deleted), I’d like to make it up to you by giving you a little Xabi break. Just sit there and contemplate his perfection for a bit before heading into the rest of the post. (Photo via SocialRMadrid) Continue reading

A Little Albiolita Love

31 Oct

BX53qXjIEAAHp1vPipita must know how much we miss him because he posted this shot with his boo on Twitter. And that, people, is the look that gets him all the boys (in addition to his legendary booty). All you players in training for this year’s Whore With More Tishie, take note.

– Lozil

Off To Granada! (With Bonus Albiolita, Calleti, Pepe Reina & El Pirata)

25 Aug
Jetsam excelling at bitchy realness

Jetsam excelling at bitchy realness

Another week, another stern looking picture of Carlito on the mothership. I love these shots. Flotsam & Jetsam are getting a real workout in this one!

Continue reading

Thursday Training, Someone Is Still Carrying The Torch & Someone’s Got His Groove Back

15 Aug
Carlo will have none of your sass, thank you very much.

Carlo will have none of your sass, thank you very much.

The internationals are making their way back to Madrid and those left behind trained their charming butts off. Continue reading

Arrival In Miami, Swoonworthy Visitors & Arbie Interview

6 Aug
Llegada_a_Miami (8)

Sese thankfully covered his hair while Iker got a new awkwardly placed murse

Los Blancos arrived night in Miami and Iker has a new bag. I wonder if his Madrid murse is going to get jealous? Lord, that boy is incapable of looking cool while carrying a bag isn’t he? Continue reading

Un-Break My Heart

28 Jul

BQSBXuHCcAAORahI started wailing when I saw this picture on Napoli’s website much earlier today. It took me until now to be able to talk about it. It feels so wrong and weird to see them in another country, in another kit. ::sniffle:: Continue reading

It’s Official: Pipita (and Pepe Reina) To Napoli

24 Jul

Dear Napoli –

You do realize that the transfer season isn’t one of those “Collect the whole set!!” offers as far as Los Blancos are concerned, right?

Well, kids, there you have it. Napoli chairman Aurelio DeLaurentis confirmed it. Translation: “Higuain and Reina have passed a medical and soon will join the group”

Man, I hate the transfer window. HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT. Hey Partenopei, you better treat that booty right (along with Calleti’s and Albiol’s).  Silver lining (sad one, but still): Albiolita stay together.

– Lozil

It’s (Just About) Official: Chori To Napoli

16 Jul

600full-raul-albiolHis agent admitted to negotiations and it’s said he’ll be sold for 12 million. All that is missing is the official-official announcement from either club. The Double As will only exist during international duty now. So pour one out for one of the team’s most beloved bromances. Interestingly enough, Albiol joins Calleti in Italy – the man who originally came between him and Arbeloa. Bromance scandal! But it gets better: TuttoSport says that Pipita could be one of Napoli’s targets to replace Edinson Cavani! That would mean 3/4 of Booty CAAll would be livin’ la dolce vita.  I will miss Chori and his big goofy smile.

– Lozil