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Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

10 Jul
Would that picking one's team was as easy as picking one's shoes

Would that picking one’s team was as easy as picking one’s shoes, eh?

So where will El Pirata end up this coming season? On June 30th,  Real Sociedad posted an official notice thanking three players whose contracts had ended: Esteban, Jose Angel & Javi Ros.  El Pirata’s loan was officially up, so it’s back to QPR now. Or is it? Continue reading

Pre-Season Portraits: El Pirata

8 Jul

pirataThanks to watishista Bre for finding this shot of El Pirata by his QPR teammate (currently on loan to Palermo) Alejandro Faurlin. Looking through Ale’s pix, it seems like he’s a guitar player as well. The Hoops have started their pre-season and Esteban is currently with ’em. I wonder what the transfer window will hold for our lovely pirate? In addition to the guitar and mandals, I’m enjoying the box of All-Bran on the dresser. Total hippie, our ElP but hey, at least he’s getting his fiber, right? He’s got other,  more important, things to think about (LIKE COMING HOME). Ahem. As you were.

– Lozil