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Ready For Deportivo & A Visitor

9 Dec

_he18873thumbThe team held a training session today in preparation for the final La Liga match of 2016 vs. Deportivo. Continue reading

I Do So Love A Good Pantless Victory Celebration, Don’t You?

26 Feb

Bhb1f3OIQAE2NFVBecause that’s how Iker rolls, y’all. PANTSLESS, with a Schalke jersey covering his junk. Is this some sort of Freaky Friday personality switch with The Ramos, because this is not very San Never Nude, now is it? Also? SAMI! But oof, what a win! Hala Madrid!

– Lozil

Bits & Bobs: I Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong, Pirata Presser Translation And More

21 Jul

Remember how I was whining about a hangover earlier? I couldn’t have been more wrong. 3 glasses of sangria doesn’t give you a sore throat, sweats, chills, a fever, body aches and a stuffy nose. I’ve got some sort of bug. According to a friend, it’s been going around. Lucky me. I canceled my hair appointment and spent almost the entire day asleep except for occasional meals. Ugh. I have a Chelsea/PSG ticket for tomorrow, I need to at least get well enough to go to that. I guess I’m just going to stay in bed until the last possible second tomorrow.

Sami was definitely having more fun than I was today, posting this shot with two starfish. PUT ‘EM BACK, SAMI!  Continue reading