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Bits & Bobs: World’s Cutest Couple, Ill Advised Wispy Facial Hair, Puppy Love, Such Great Heights, Bendy Pirata And More

22 Oct

Clarice accompanied her hubby as he returned from his surgery in Amsterdam. These two are as cute as their bebe, aren’t they? They had a private jet ride back to Madrid. Continue reading

Catching Up On Bits & Bobs: Internationals, Travel, Bebes And More Part I

14 Oct

Prepare for an epic two part Bits & Bobs! First up the social media mad Brazilians who posted tons of pictures. Kaka, David Luiz, Neymar and Marcelo led the charge. Kaka seems to be really happy to be back on the squad and is celebrating by getting Neymar in a headlock. (Be scared, Neymar, be very scared!) Look how big and burly Kaka is next to him. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: True Love, A Picturesque View, The Ox, El Pirata, Supermodel Nando, Help A Madridista Out, David Testo’s Story

29 Sep


Ah, Clarice & Marcelo! Ain’t love grand? I love these two and looking at them being so happy together gives even my hard grumpy heart the warm fuzzies. On to the bits and bobs… Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Iker For Philips, Bebes, Bromantic Animals, Suits & The Many Moods Of The Ox

27 Sep

Philips posted a bunch of pictures of Iker at some sort of event and oh man, people, just hire a professional photographer if you’re doing something that’s going to be up on your Facebook page touting your company. The angles, the red eye, (or worse, zombie eyes) etc. are just painful. But here you go anyway…

Continue reading

Quick Bits & Bobs: A Day Off, Lots Of Posing, The Thigh Master, Breakfast Music & A Manpile

25 Sep

Super quick post – it’s been a hectic day and now I have to race off to celebrate the birthdays of watishista Dollo & watishisto El Fano.  So excited to see the whole gang!

Los Blancos had the day off and Sergio went into the studio to watch his buds Miguel Poveda and Manuel Carrasco record a duet.  Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Enzo & Lola, Pirata Hipsters Out In London, Jack Returns & Have Yourself A Very Merry Oxmas

20 Sep

How perfect is this picture of Enzo and his big doggie, Lola? I love that both their tongues are sticking out. I heart them both!

Watishista Bre left a link to this great video of Pirata being interviewed before the West London Derby in the comments today (thanks!) which started me looking into more Pirata goodies. Continue reading

TGIF Courtesy Of The Ox

14 Sep

Watishista Elisha knows my deep love of Muppet Baby Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain so she sent this adorable shot of him kicking up his wee heels.  If you haven’t heard his strategy for picking up girls, you MUST check out Ox TV. He is too adorable. The latest installment has him & Wojciech Szczęsny attempting to play keepy uppy while drinking cups of tea. Chaos ensues.

– Lozil

And Now I Come To You With Oooooopen Arrrrrrms!

24 Aug

Another picture that gave me serious cooing warm fuzzies  today was this shot of The Ox. Both watishista P and I love us some Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain so this photo is definitely qualifies as a happy place. I think I’ll just put this one and Mesut’s on my desktop for all day smiles.

Bits & Bobs: The “I’m Really Behind” Edition

24 Jul

Sorry I couldn’t post last night.  Something major that I had to deal with came up and I had to take care of it right away. By the time I finished doing that, I just conked out.  I’ve been pretty busy today as well. Please accept these half naked pictures of Sergio as my apology. Continue reading

Arsenal Vs. The Ballerinas: Behind The Scenes Shots

13 Apr

Remember that crazy-adorable Citroen ad featuring Arsenal players and ballet dancers? Well, watishista (and Gooner) P found these great shots and sent me a link today. Some of these behind the scenes snaps may be even cuter than the commercial. Looks like they had a fantastic time filming. (Pictures courtesy of Citroen) Continue reading