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World Cup 2014- Goup B- Match Report: Chile 3 – Australia 1

13 Jun

Chile AustraliaThese might not be the best two teams in the tournament, but both of them are looking to make an impression here in the group stage. Their opening match had speed and stunning passes, dramatic goals and equally dramatic goal-line clearances. Australia went two down in the first fourteen minutes, but the Socceroos fought back and turned what some predicted would be a one-sided goalfest into an exciting game of football. Continue reading

Well, Here’s One Thing We’ve Definitely Beat Barca At!

25 Feb

Watishista Em sent this video in and I nearly peed my pants laughing. Enjoy the Barca boys attempting to speak Chinese.  Pique made me absolutely weep – honey, don’t talk with your mouth full – that doesn’t help. Bless, though, they’re certainly trying. I think our fine gentlemen did pretty good with their foray into Chinese language.

– Lozil

The Daily Drool: Alexis Sanchez

9 Jul

Forward/winger Alexis currently plays for Serie A’s Udinese and the Chilean National Team (both since 2006).  However, he’s currently the subject of some hot transfer talk with Napoli, Barca, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United supposedly all in the running. No matter what team’s jersey he wears next season, I sure do hope he takes it off a lot!