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It’s Official: Carlo Ancelotti Sacked

25 May

ancelotti_2921770bWell, another departure that we knew was coming, but it still bums me out. Stupid, stupid move IMHO. Thank you for everything Carletto, you will be missed (along with Flotsam and Jetsam). The new coach will be announced next week.

– Lozil

Cristiano Is Out Of This World

24 Oct

But of course we knew that already! Nike has produced a rather overblown commercial for CR7’s Mercurial Superfly boot and the Clasico. Unintentionally hilarious is the special guest appearance of Carlo, Flotsam & Jetsam. Ya gotta love it!

– Lozil

Saturday Training

17 Aug
Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (2)

Stop being yucky immediately! Do you hear me young man?

God that picture is painful. Somewhere I have  a picture of him doing the same thing but looking heartbreakingly beautiful from a couple of years ago. Sigh. I’ll add it later. Right now, I’m running late to meet Shigs & ginboonmiller for dinner. I had a rather stressful day. Bank called and someone was in Florida running up my credit card all over. Grrrrrr! So I’ve been going through all my recent charges to see what needs to be credited. Jerks.

Anyhow, the last training before the season opener took place today and the squad was joined by Derik from the reserves.  Illara, The Baby, Denis and Jesús stayed inside. Continue reading

Fear Of An Orange Planet And More

23 Jul
Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (26)

Pipa ain’t havin’ it.

See? This is what is going to drive Pipita screaming directly into the arms of Napoli: excessively orange teammates. Continue reading