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Match Recap: Real Madrid v UD Almeria

4 May

Moment of silence for Nepal

I don’t think there is any possible way that I could love the Bernabeu more than I already do. It’s glorious, and beautiful, and special… And I just miss the hell out of it (along with the entire city of Madrid). Continue reading

Thursday Training, SMH & An Ikerview

30 Apr
AA: Scores goal for team, still slagged off.

AA: Scores goal for team, *still* slagged off. At least he’s got those fine arms to console himself.

I’ve got a lot to say about the nasty commentary that was leveled at Arbeloa after he scored yesterday but I don’t have time at the moment to go into it so I’ll just let my grumpy tweets from yesterday speak for themselves. Continue reading

Ready For Almeria, Odegaard & Mayoral Get First Team Call Up

28 Apr

Satellite (6)The team had their final training before facing Almeria tomorrow. Continue reading

2 Days Till Almeria & Ol’ Big Ears Heads To Berlin

27 Apr

Satellite (13)Right back to work for the boys. It’s a busy week. We’ve got Almeria on Wednesday and Sevilla on Saturday. Continue reading

Match Recap: Real Madrid Vs. U.D. Almeria

16 Dec

Almeria stadiumMy apologies for the lateness of this post. I had finals and final papers to complete last week/this weekend. I had to focus my VERY short attention span there instead of our last La Liga match before the Club World Cup, which we begin competing in today against Cruz Azul.

Continue reading

Updated: Arrival In Almeria

12 Dec

SatelliteThe team arrived in Almeria after a short flight and were greeted by over 300 fans. There were even more waiting for them at the Hotel Elba Almería. Continue reading

Onward To Almeria!

11 Dec
Ring Around The G-Bale

Ring Around The G-Bale

The team had their final training before tomorrow’s match vs. Almeria at Juegos Mediterráneos. Sergio, of course, wasn’t called up because he has a one match ban in La Liga. (To match his one game ban in the Champions League. Tsk!) Continue reading

Training, Ho Ho Ho-ing and Doing It For The Kids

10 Dec

Satellite (6)Lots going on today! The session was closed but the team got right back to work. We face Almeria on Friday and then we’re off to the Club World Cup after. (Video) Continue reading

Summer Transfer Window Recap – La Liga

8 Sep

Transfer Deadline DayEvery summer players move from one club to another. It’s often difficult to stomach. No, seriously. The past two summer transfer windows have left me wanting to throw up. Continue reading

We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!

13 Apr
Embed from Getty Images

Goals and points, baby, goals and points. These guys went up against Almeria knowing that Barca had just slipped up and we had the opportunity to skip right past them….which we did! We’ve one upped them by one point, but hey we’re nearing the end and one point can mean all the difference. Now we just need Atleti to slip up. The more times the better!

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