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Trying To Catch Up: Spain

31 May

Today won’t be the usual Spain-a-palooza as I don’t want to snag any pictures of the match that Maisougio might be using for her recap, so just a few left over bits and bobs. You’re going to have Spain fatigue at this rate.

Sergio had a little bit on RFEF.es and they mentioned that the next match vs. China will take place at La Cartuja in Seville. Continue reading

A Friendly 2-0

28 May

On Saturday, we said hello to the many new faces of La Roja and yesterday we said goodbye to most of them. All the newbies got some play time and took the spots of either the injured or those still on club duty, which is why it was no surprise that it took some time to figure out how the team was going to work and get the job of winning done. They succeeded in the end, with the subs at halftime making the major difference. With two more friendlies to go, the boys have got two weeks to get the Spanish machine running perfectly! Continue reading

Updated: La Roja Is At It Again

28 May

They’re doing that mysterious piggy back chicken fight training exercise (my fave along with the hand holding and skipping) that just makes them look like a basket of hyperactive puppies.  Pepe Reina & Nando seem to be fierce competitors. Continue reading

La Roja Trains Part II

25 May

I wonder if Jesus is bitchfacing because Nando is arriving tonight? I still think he should bromance with Silva (or Mata). They would be pocket sized adorable. Really looking forward to the match tomorrow. If you want to check out more training video, here’s a bit at Cuatro. The La Roja part starts at about 11:38. You’re about to be subjected to a lot of Sergio & Iker. Hope you don’t mind! Continue reading

La Roja Trains Part I

25 May

Here’s Iker and Pepe having a little ol’ free kick competition at the training session. Today was an especially hectic workday (as all ones before a holiday weekend usually are), so I’m going to fling a couple of posts in here before finishing up some more necessary (and less pleasant) duties. Continue reading

Daily Overdose Of La Roja Part II

24 May

Business as usual, I see!

The jokes write themselves people. This really is the easiest sport in the world to perv on, isn’t it? Anyhow, gird your loins and pour a drink. Two more parts of La Roja to soldier through and then we get to the other national teams. Continue reading

Daily Overdose Of La Roja Part I

24 May

Are you prepared for another giant 3 part La Roja picspam? I sure hope so. All day I’ve been singing this to the tune of the tune of The Rainbow Connection: “Why are there so many shots of hot Spaniards?/And why can’t I stop posting them?” These are the million dollar questions. My descent into madness after the jump… Continue reading

UPDATED: La Roja Boys, Boys, Boys!

21 May

To Las Rozas, the boys go! International duty begins today, as it’s time for La Roja to prepare for their upcoming friendlies against Serbia (I almost wrote Sergio, why did I have to open up with this pic?!) on the 26th, and South Korea on the 30th. Some very happy news? Tormata will join the group on the 25th! Well, maybe it’s not so happy news for Sergio…but maybe if he ditches that awful red jacket, that even his hair is trying to get away from, Nando will only have eyes for Sese. Continue reading