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Happy Father’s Day!

19 Mar

It’s Father’s Day in Europe and here’s how a few of the ballers acknowledged it. First up, The Baby and his baby (we still don’t know his name).

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Ready For La Real & More

28 Jan

_he24813The team finished their last training session of the week and the last on before meeting Real Sociedad tomorrow. Continue reading

Ready For Malaga

20 Jan

_3am4610Y’all my heart is so heavy today, I can barely function. The Sweaty Shanks¬†Pe√Īa is on their¬†way over to my house to make protest signs for the march tomorrow and that’s all I can focus on. But I’m going to take a few minutes of solace in staring at our boys. Maybe that will cheer me up.¬† Continue reading

New Year & Holiday Fun

1 Jan

2017Hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve and have been enjoying the day today. As promised, a bumper crop of what various ‘ballers have been doing on their holidays. There have been engagements, baby announcements, singing in the mirror while dressed in a towel (Cristiano), blue gradient shoes (Sergio), celebrating on a camel (Mateo & Lukita) and a rather ungracious joke about a rival (Toni Kroos, being a bit rude, IMHO). ¬†Let’s dig in! (It’s long so be prepared!) Continue reading

More Cris, Awards & International Duty

8 Nov

_4am9961_hthumbOh y’all! I cannot concentrate on anything except election returns. Last night I tossed and turned all night and finally got up and went to the polls as soon as they opened at 6 AM to vote. I could not wait one minute longer. ¬†But that means I had to wait a whole buttload longer for results. Argh. Anyhow, Cristiano. Continue reading

Training Catch Up, Ready For Legan√©s & More

5 Nov

gal_he23863thumbStill laughing over that Cristiano photo but I’ve got to catch up on stuff (or pass out in the marigolds trying). ::snicker:: Continue reading

Good Things Come In Threes

29 Oct

_1rm8878We got all three points, we’re still sitting atop the table and Cristiano got his groove back – scoring a hat trick. Morata also scored against Alaves, so it was a good day all around. Cris has scored against all 31 teams he has faced during his time in La Liga.

Just a heads up: things may¬†be a bit quiet around here for a bit. I’ve got pneumonia so I’m not currently up to speed but you’ll at least get a Drool a day! As crappy as I feel, I’m also dying of boredom since I’ve already been laid up for over a week so ¬†who knows? There may actually be more¬†posts than usual if I get a burst of energy.

– Lozil