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I’m Just Not Ready To Say Goodbye

20 May

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And now, the end is near…

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When Xabi posted this yesterday, I started blubbering like a baby and to be honest, I haven’t really stopped. Every time I try to write about it, think about it or look at pictures, I start wailing again. He may have been ready to call time on his career but I’m certainly not. So it’s going to take me a bit to be able to write coherently about this heartbreaking day.

But for now, I’ll just leave it at this: Thank you, Xabi.

– Lozil

Another Ending For Xabi

18 Apr

He just loves to drive the knife in, doesn’t he?  I’ll always think of him as ours, no matter  how irrational that is. Today ultimately ended up as Xabi’s (and Philipp Lahm’s) last appearance in European competition as they are both hanging up their boots at the end of the season. That game had some very questionable decisions by the referees (in both directions) but I think, in the end, we deserved the win over the two legs.  I’m sorry to see the back of two such wonderful players, but I’m not sorry we advanced.

– Lozil

Xabi Alonso Confirms Retirement At The End Of The Season

9 Mar

::Uncontrollable sobbing:: Xabi has confirmed that he will be retiring from football at the end of this season and posted this poignant photo on Twitter.

I knew it was coming, but it still hurts. Let’s hope our (I’ll always think of him as ours) GQMF decides to continue modeling because I don’t think that I can survive without seeing him regularly. What an elegant, smart player. He was  a pleasure to watch and I will miss him terribly. (And I hope that Bayern win lots this year so we can get at least one more look at Drunk!Xabi)

– Lozil

Booty CAAll With Only One A

14 Mar

Three out of four members of the legendary Booty CAAll (Albiol, Arbeloa, Pipita, Calleti) posed for a shot on the Napoli Instagram. I miss these guys! But I know that they are well loved and that Napoli fan extraordinaire Maria Rosario is taking very good care of them, which is comforting.

– Lozil

Xabi Alonso For Porsche Design Sport By Adidas

1 Mar

Even though he is obviously trying to re-break our hearts, there’s no way that I won’t be watching this Xabi video on repeat. In his last outfit, it looks like he raided Iker’s training closet. Those are some San Never Nude tights for sure! H/T to mygypsyspirit who left this on my Facebook wall.

– Lozil

FMR* And A Peace Offering

7 Oct

xabialonso_quer_article_landscape*F—ing Mercury Retrograde. It’s eating my life at the moment. So as a peace offering, here’s some Xabi (as much as it breaks my heart). Continue reading

Unbreak My Heart: Xabi Alonso In FIFA Weekly

9 Apr

Xabi1The glorious ginger-bearded midfielder of my dreams is on the cover of FIFA Weekly Issue #13 and it’s making me weepy. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Pipita!

10 Dec

Argentina-s-Gonzalo-Higuain-ta_54409980744_54115221154_600_396Although you and your luscious ba-donk are far away from us, I know that watishista/Napoli fan extraordinare Maria Rosaria is taking very good care of you. Happy 27th birthday you glorious hunk of scoring, bromancing, bootylicious man flesh! We miss you.

Happy Birthday Xabi!

25 Nov

XABI_ALONSO_GUSTAFF_Even though you left me and broke my heart into 8 million pieces, I still want to wish you a happy 33rd birthday. I’ll spend the day sobbing into my Xabi Alonso jersey and dreaming of what might have been. Feliz cumpleaños, Ginger Beard.

Xabi the Ball Magnet, His Gamedayplus Interview, and Shoelace Tying

1 Oct

Ball magnet. That’s how the German media are referring to Xabi, especially following Bayern’s 2-0 win over FC Köln on the weekend. He managed to set two Bundesliga records in that game: number of touches (204, though some outlets are reporting 206) and number of completed passes (175). Plus he’s already won two Man of the Match awards as well. I knew he’d be successful in Germany but damn. Continue reading