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The Best Laid Plans

30 Aug
French guys explaining it all, like  Clarissa.

French guys explaining it all, like Clarissa.

So after 14 hours of travel, I arrived back home at my apartment in Brooklyn. Was that the plan? Hell no. I was supposed to wake up this morning in London. But if I had to wake up somewhere that wasn’t England, it’s always nice to be in one’s own bed. I did get to have a nice lunch in Boston though… Anyhow, I’m off to the airport in an hour to try again. Wish me luck. In the meantime, here’s an update on what has gone down since I last logged in. Continue reading

Angel Says Goodbye

27 Aug

1409148004200_wps_7_MANCHESTER_ENGLAND_AUGUSTNot gonna lie, seeing him in a Manchester United shirt hurts like hell, especially after I read the open letter he posted in Marca this morning. Continue reading

Pipa On The Beach

21 Nov

BZmptZfIgAAnC_OI’m in my post-birthday, current-work haze but thankfully watishista mygypsypspirit is keeping her eyes peeled and alerting me to moments of hotness. Pipa posted this hunky shot telling us he was enjoying the afternoon at the beach. (I’m hoping Albiol took the picture) Now I’m going to be singing “Pipa on the Beach” to the tune of “Mimi on the Beach” all day. For being from 1984, it’s amazing how on trend some of Jane Siberry’s looks are in that video. Mind, that bedazzled headband is suspect (unless you’re Sergio Ramos) and that rat tail is a nightmare (unless you’re Rodrigo Palacio).

More later!

– Lozil