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Goalie Headers and Cartwheels

24 Aug

tumblr_nas1eo6HcU1qd9m5oo1_1280During the Athletic Bilbao vs Malaga game Saturday, Athletic were chasing an equalizer after going down to 9 men (2 red cards in two minutes) so goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz came forward for an extra-time free-kick. And this awesomeness happened:

Muniain enjoying the view.

Muniain enjoying the view.

What a bullet! Iraizoz and his teammates went nuts in celebration. Until the linesman and referee disallowed the goal. Then they went a different kind of nuts. It all looked good to me, no offside or player interference, but hey I’m no “official” ref. I would have loved Iraizoz to have been awarded the goal though; underrated by many but always a solid player. Just normally between his own goal posts.

 Iraizoz talking with referee Mateo Lahoz after the game. Uncomfortable.

Iraizoz talking with referee Mateo Lahoz after the game. Uncomfortable.

And over in the Sevilla vs Valencia game, a different kind of awesome happened:

LOL – who decides to throw a cartwheel in order to block a shot?! Either midfielder Andre Gomes (21) or defender Nicolás Otamendi (23), that’s who. I can’t tell which one, despite what the video title indicates.

Hope the boys are making notes: goalies scoring headers and players turning cartwheels. The new lines of defense to break down for 2014-15.


The Daily Drool: André Gomes

5 Mar

Andre Gomes 2Watishista Alexandra suggested the very young (Just 19!) André as a Drool.  He looks much older, don’t you think? Boyfriend looks fully grown. Yum. The handsome midfielder plays for Benfica. He has represented Portugal at the U17, U18 and U19 levels.