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The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – Old Skool: Kaka & Andriy Shevchenko

12 Dec

tumblr_ladckhiqZV1qd0g2uo1_400I know this post will make at least 3 watishistas cry: mygypsyspirit and forzasusan because of the Kaka/Sheva/Milan feels and Shigs because of, well, Kaka.

22/7 was a classic bromance. I mean, just peep the way they look and smile at each other. Intense! I dare say Kaka looks happier with Sheva than Cris. I am well aware that may be bordering on blasphemy, but honestly, anyone who was watching these two at the height of their love knows exactly what I’m talking about. Continue reading

Upcoming Match for Peace

28 Aug

Back in early August Lozil brought you news of the Pope organizing the Interreligious Match for Peace or Partita Per La Pace. The match is scheduled to be played on September 1 at Stadio Olympico in Rome at 8:45pm local time (10:45am EST). Continue reading

Arrival In Miami, Swoonworthy Visitors & Arbie Interview

6 Aug
Llegada_a_Miami (8)

Sese thankfully covered his hair while Iker got a new awkwardly placed murse

Los Blancos arrived night in Miami and Iker has a new bag. I wonder if his Madrid murse is going to get jealous? Lord, that boy is incapable of looking cool while carrying a bag isn’t he? Continue reading