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Fuerza Iker!

1 May

Like many folks today, I woke up to the news of Iker suffering a heart attack during training and promptly had a meltdown. But you can’t keep our adored capi down for long. Continue reading

How ya like that Champions League action?

22 Sep


Hey if we can start the CL competition with a bang like this, I hope we can go out in the same style! And by out, I mean winning the whole damn thing of course. The final bang better be someone dropping our trophy! *hint hint Sergio*

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Get at us, Getafe

3 Feb

Come on ride the train, it’s the choo choo, ride it!

Oh yeah, way to rock it out with an awesome match at 6 AM!! I love the boys and I’ll get up at any time to watch them, but if you play at a cray hour, the day after my birthday, I’m sorry. It just can’t be done, boys, but thank you for allowing me to wake up to an awesome score! Hala Cristiano hat trick! And a Sergio goal? I don’t care who it was dedicated to, I’m claimin’ it.

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