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Ready To Take On La Real & Pirata Update

4 Apr

Satellite (8)How the heck could he be cheating on Pilar? He’s too busy jumping on dudes constantly. There aren’t enough hours left in the day when he’s finished with that (Is he ever finished with that?!). The team held their final training session today before heading off to the wonderful San Sebastian to face La Real.

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El Pirata’s Poetry Corner

11 Mar

leivaEl Pirata’s bromantic bestie, rock star Leiva, was squeeing on Twitter about a poem that Esteban had published in Basque newspaper Diario Vasco.  He even posted a picture.  Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Catching Up With El Pirata

8 Dec

BZIljBCIQAA1q53Esteban continues his recovery in San Sebastian (Hang on baby, mygypsyspirit and I will be there in a few months! We’d be more than happy to nurse you back to health). And three cheers for all the shots of his water therapy, they are most pleasant, indeed. About this shot he said “Day 59: After training I float with closed eyes. I’ve been scoring a lot of goals in goal back” I’m guessing he means in his head?  Continue reading

Another Night, Another Win

25 Sep


It really is a tough job deciding which pic I’ll open my posts with. *sigh* G-money’s thigh or Cristiano’s…below the waistband sitch. Oh the dilemmas I’m faced with!! 😉 As you can see, Crissy beat out our newbie. We do love a good thigh flash, but come on now, Cris has got seniority!

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