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4th of July Bits & Bobs

4 Jul

859ef434e4bc11e287c922000ae904e6_7Toby Holden West donned his 4th of July finery and what better way to start this holiday post? For all of my fellow Americans, I hope you had a great day. Me? I had a day of epic sloth to make up for how chaotic things have been lately. I turned down every invite I got and spent the day enjoying some much needed alone time reading & watching movies. IT. WAS. BLISS. Back to work tomorrow though. Continue reading

Well Hello There Thiago Messi

13 Apr

BHwXnsiCUAAl6Z8So we finally get a look at bebe Thiago. Leo posted this family shot on Facebook with Thiago and mami Antonella. What a wee cutie!
– Lozil

Mazel Tov: Welcome To The World, Thiago Messi!

2 Nov

Antonella gave birth to Thiago today at Hospital USP Dexeus in Barcelona. Congrats to the new little family! Maybe we should send Thiago these cute little handmade baby booties from Etsy?

– Lozil


Messi Confirms the Daddy Rumors

17 Jun

Aha, so Messi thought he could celebrate a goal with a ball under his shirt & NOT fuel more baby talk? The pic was taken earlier this month when Argentina played Ecuador in a World Cup Qualifier, he answered after the match that he was dedicating the goal to “someone special.” *hint hint* Well now he’s shared with Olé, that he is going to be a father! He said, “I think it will be a boy. We did not want to say anything because we never talk about our private life. But we were constantly asked about it, so we wanted to share our joy.” Aw I love the smell of bebes in the Spring…or anytime really…Congratulations to Leo Messi & Antonella Roccuzzo! We can’t wait to see the little squishy!


UPDATED: No Messi Jr. Just Yet

18 Apr

Ah, the lady confirms it herself! There’s no bun in the oven. Apparently, an Argentine radio station jumped the gun & announced the not so true news. Good news is, Antonella says she would announce it herself if it were true…so is there hope for a Leo Jr in the near future? I think so! A Messi luva tweeted Antonella thanking her for denying the rumor (rude much?) and Antonella’s reply was “por que??? yo quiero un bebe<3.” Ooh denied & sent back to her tissue box, that fan was! So I think it’s just a matter of time, the stars will align, the two greats will have bebe J.R.’s, and they’ll prepare for a Liga takeover when their papas retire. Or Leo could have a daughter & we could have a whole star crossed lovers sitch on our hands with Baby Cris……….dun, dun, dun.

UPDATE: It is now being said that Antonella does NOT have a twitter account, they’re all fakes. Supposedly, Cesc’s gf Daniella confirmed that all the Antonella accounts are fake, but I can’t bear to comb through all her “Dont stop believing <3” crap to find it…if anyone has seen the tweet, can you confirm that it exists?

Also, it has been reported that Antonella’s dad has confirmed that he knows nothing of an impending grandchild.

He says he’d be very happy to have a grandchild but he has received no news of it. Of course, we don’t know if that comment was actually made either….how about we just wait for a good ol’ fashioned baby bump? 😉