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Cassano Fined By UEFA For Homophobic Comments

20 Jul


In a move that surprised and pleased me, the UEFA got their heads out of their arses long enough to fine Antonio Cassano for his homophobic remarks during a Euro 2012 presser. Continue reading

Antonio Cassano Would Like You To Know He’s Not A Homophobe

12 Jun

‘Oh fuck! What have I done?!’

Realizing that he had stepped in it something good, Antonio Cassano released a statement tonight claiming he’s not a homophobe. Continue reading

Welcome To My Shit List, Antonio Cassano

12 Jun

Former Real Madrid (now Milan) striker opened his mouth today in a presser and spewed forth homophobic bullshit. Continue reading

Mmmm, Italy

1 Jun

Now, I grew up supporting Italy and they are always in my heart. Gigi Buffon is one man who has always made me weak at the knees. I mean, look at him. Yum. Anyhow, it’s been a long time since Italy got any love on this blog so here’s a bit of mama mia! hotness. Continue reading