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The Daily Drool: Dionisis Chiotis

17 Feb

Dionisis Chiotis1Goalkeeer Dionisis has played for APOEL since 2008. He has represented Greece at the senior level.

The Daily Drool: Vasilios Papafotis

27 Jan

Vasilios PapafotisLook at those peepers! 19 year old midfielder Vasilios joined APOEL in 2013. He has represented Cyprus at the U19 level.

The Daily Drool – Champions League Group F – APOEL: Alex Konstantinou

15 Oct

Alex Konstantinou22 year old winger Alex signed to APOEL in June from Apollon Limassol. He has represented Cyprus at the U19 and U21 levels.

The Daily Drool: Tomás De Vincenti

27 Jan

tomas di vincentiHello pretty boy in blue! Argentine attacking midfielder Tomás started playing this month for Cypriot side APOEL on loan from Greek Superleague champs Olympiacos until the end of the season.

The Daily Drool: Urko Pardo

23 Apr

Belgian/Spanish Urko is a goalkeeper who plays for APOEL. Spotted by eagle eyed watishistas during the Champions League, we had to make sure to feature him!

The Daily Drool: Nuno Morais

19 Apr

Defensive midfielder Nuno is another watishista requested Drool. He currently plays for APOEL and previously played with Chelsea, Maritimo and Penafiel. He has represented Portugal on the U20 and U21 levels.

El Pirata English Interview Post-APOEL

9 Apr

A bit late on this one, but I love listening to him speak English. There’s also a nice flash of delectable arm muscle at :36  Apologies for bombarding you with content today. I’m desperately trying to stay awake until I can leave work at 6 PM. Every time there’s a lull at work, I post something because if I don’t, I start nodding off. I have got to sleep tonight. Ugh.

– Lozil

Estamos en Semifinales!!!

6 Apr

Ooh-wa! Ooh-wa! Ok, none of us really thought that we weren’t going to make it to the semis but we deserve to get excited! So ‘Woot Woot’ to your heart’s content. A little woot for APOEL as well for making it this far, they didn’t make it easy for us either so bravo! Ah well, enough about them, how awesome was that goal-fest the boys put on? It was a spectacular display of talent and skill, simply put, our team is AMAYSING. Continue reading

Leftovers, Training, Record Breaking And A Couple of Visits

5 Apr

Here’s some leftover shots of the boys arriving for the match yesterday. Mesut looks like he’s heading off to his first day of school with some trepidation: “Will the kids be nice to me?” “Will someone sit with me at lunch?” “I hope no one steals my milk money!” Continue reading

Concentracion, Extra Evil Buses And APOEL

3 Apr

It’s concentracion time again on a rainy night in Madrid. The thing that freaked me out about this video the most was the fact that there is a black Evil Bunny Bus for the opposing team to match our white one! It’s like Black Swan but transportation style!  I wonder if there’s a Mila Kunis bus somewhere in the depot that’s going to lead the EBB astray?  Continue reading