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The Daily Drool: Big Sam Allardyce

1 Apr

Not gonna lie, we do like ourselves a big man here but check the date….


The Daily Drool: Zabivaka

1 Apr

Here’s a hot young player you’ll be seeing a lot of this summer: Zabivaka.  He’s already very popular with the furry community apparently (yoinks!) And if you’re wondering why a cartoon wolf is a Drool today, check the date. APRIL FOOL!

The Daily Drool: Robert Kidiaba’s Butt Dance

1 Apr

Just because it never gets old.

And HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY! (But for reals, that requires some core strength right there). Here’s a great video about Robert, his life & his “donkey dance”- it’s really interesting – have a watch.

The Daily Drool: Jose Manuel Pinto*

1 Apr

Jose Manuel Pinto of BarcelonaYou know how we love to drool over Barca players here, so let’s check out  goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto, who we’re big fans of. I think he should serve as a hair role model for Sergio and all our players.

*(If you’re thinking we must have lost our minds, check your calendar)

The Daily Drool: Carlos Tevez

1 Apr

Of course, for today we had to choose someone who is beautiful both inside and out. Someone who is selfless and never thinks of himself first, someone who is…aw screw it, I can’t keep this up. APRIL FOOL’S! (Nice outfit, Tevez. Glad to see you’re spending all that money well).