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Arbeloita Wish You A Happy Weekend

19 Apr

ArbeloitaI’m going to be trapped in meetings for the next 4-5 hours and won’t be able to update until later, so I thought I’d leave you this little piccy of Arbeloita to tide you over. Alvaro, WTF is going on with your hair? And why does Pipa look like he has a conehead? And where is Albiol? I need a little weekend AHA! Laters y’all.

– Lozil

Training, Sese Presser, Bits & Bobs

3 Jan

Entrenamiento (13)Busy times at work and Chez Lozil these days. The universe doesn’t seem to realize my true calling as a chronicler of footy pulchritude for the perving masses is being affected as a result. Sigh.

Our boys were back to training (and I hope it wasn’t as freaking cold in Madrid as it was in NYC today. Brrrrr!) with Real Madrid C’s Llorente, Joel and Álvaro joining them. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – PIPITA WEEK: Arbeloita

22 Dec

Gonzalo-Higuain-celebra-su-gol-con-Alvaro-ArbeloaOh man, this one popped up after a crazy spring that saw the Double As split their seemingly rock solid bromance. Arbeloa ran off with Calleti and Albiol rebounded with Pipita. Arbeloa seemed bummed by the attention they were paying each other but then he did something very surprising. He started bromancing with Pipita as well which touched off more dramz and became Arbeloita. Pipita, as always, was totally like “There’s always room for Jello.” What a tramp. I love him. Continue reading

More “Other” Football And Confusing Bromancing

9 Aug

Arbeloita weren’t the only ones giving American football the old college try; the rest of the guys joined in the fun. Chas Henry, Alex Henery and Jon Dorenbos of the Philadelphia Eagles stopped by to give our gentlemen some pointers. Continue reading

Arbeloita Try The “Other” Football

9 Aug

Arbeloa posted this little gem from Philly a little while ago with Pipa giving goal kicks a try. So now these two are besties? I give up. Whatever. As long as they include Albiol, I’m happy.

– Lozil

Pipetti Is So On!

3 Aug

And everyone knows it. Even RealMadrid.com had this shot on their front page today. So who’s going to sit Albiol down and tell him? And for that matter, Arbeloa? He seems to have turned into some Pipita quote collecting fanboy lately.  They shouldn’t have left Pipita alone for so long because he needed to fill his bromance void. They won the Euros but lost the boy. That means that they can reunite now, right? RIGHT?!

Wishin’ & Hopin,


Bringin’ It to Bayern & Albiolita At It Again

17 Apr

As the boys head out for the pre-match stretchies, it’s nice to see that some bromances remain intact. Sami & Mesut must be happy to be back home in Germany for a few days. Continue reading

Leftover Sunday Training Pics

16 Apr

Such an adorable Benzil moment!

Realmadrid.com has a habit of putting up pictures and then adding more later. Usually after I’ve already made a damn post like I did on Sunday. I went back to look at something and discovered 11 more shots that I hadn’t seen yesterday. Grrrr! Anyone, there are some great shots including more Arbeloita, Benz and PrettyPonytail!Sergio. What’s going on with Albiol now?! Who does he hang out with? Continue reading

Training And Feeling Thoughtful

15 Apr

After yesterday’s victory, Los Blancos threw themselves right back into training for the upcoming Champions League match vs. Bayern. Continue reading