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It’s (Just About) Official: Chori To Napoli

16 Jul

600full-raul-albiolHis agent admitted to negotiations and it’s said he’ll be sold for 12 million. All that is missing is the official-official announcement from either club. The Double As will only exist during international duty now. So pour one out for one of the team’s most beloved bromances. Interestingly enough, Albiol joins Calleti in Italy – the man who originally came between him and Arbeloa. Bromance scandal! But it gets better: TuttoSport says that Pipita could be one of Napoli’s targets to replace Edinson Cavani! That would mean 3/4 of Booty CAAll would be livin’ la dolce vita.  I will miss Chori and his big goofy smile.

– Lozil

Tuesday Bits & Bobs, Part II

10 Jul

tumblr_mpobkafY2p1rlnonjo1_400So, I’m teetering on the edge of exhaustion here, peeps. It’s been a long ass day. I’m going to catch up on things as quickly as I can. Please forgive me for my lack of, um, brains? typing? everything? At this point, I’m about to fall asleep on my feet.

First up is David Villa. Many of us were taken by surprise when his transfer to Atleti was announced. As for that bargain price, well, it’s not as bad as we thought. Continue reading

Istanbul, Not Constantinople*

8 Apr

tumblr_mkxwravPYv1qftb6ko1_500*Oh c’mon! What else was I going to call the post? You know I love a pun. Since I can’t find the original Four Lads version of the song, here’s the one by They Might Be Giants. Continue reading

Some Sunday Bits & Bobs

3 Mar

s1As usual I’m behind in posting a bunch of stuff. It’s been a tough week. Haven’t been feeling well and there’s a lot going on plus the Clasico. So here’s a few post match goodies and bits & bobs.

The biggest question of last night was why is Sergio still so very nekkid when everyone else is practically in their coats and out the door? Not that I’m complaining, mind. Well, actually, I am. Move the damn shirt, sir. We know your name and number. Thanks. I see he’s icing that shoulder. It looked so painful when he landed.  Continue reading

Happy 2013!

1 Jan

644363_526839164012980_1156557019_nHope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! This is going to be a quick and dirty post as I have to race off to meet watishista P to watch Arsenal v. Southampton. My love of The Ox knows no bounds. Iker invites you into this post by tossing his grapes and no, that’s not a euphemism. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Arbetti

16 Dec

t68This pairing caused quite a scandal. We’ve always wondered if their newfound bromance last spring is what kicked off the whole Double A breakup and subsequent bromance freakout which saw Albiol & Arbeloa both paired with Pipa. Oh what a wicked web they weave. It’s canterano love. Continue reading

Training, Traveling, Presser, Book: What You Need To Know About Today

7 Dec
Entrenamiento_Real_Madrid (13)

Uh oh! Look who’s bromancing now! It’s Luzil!

Hectic day at work today so I didn’t have time to put everything in a post earlier, best catch up, eh? The boys look like elves in those caps (especially Luka) don’t they? And it also looks like the weather was as gray and crappy in Madrid as it was in New York today. Continue reading